How to Raise Your Spiritual Vibrations and Share Them With Others

It is now accepted that the higher the vibration of an object the higher is the level of its existence and the greater is its impact on the surrounding.

Take the case of the guitar. If you pluck its string softly it produces a sound but the sound is also a soft one. If you pluck hard its string it produces a louder sound and more can hear the note that is produced. The more strings you pluck the more notes are produced. And the listeners hear more sound.

Spirit beings are like guitar strings. The more they vibrate the higher levels they reach and the more influence they exert on others, spirits or non-spirits.

The question now I want to answer is: How to raise your spiritual vibrations and share them with others?

From Analogies of the Body and Mind

The accomplished ballet dancer makes her body vibrate, sometimes very rapidly, always gracefully. An interesting speaker makes her mind vibrate and so moves the minds of her audience. These two examples give us a picture of bodily and mental vibrations respectively. What is common to both is that there is an activity. The activity becomes more intense as the vibration is raised. And the audience catches, as it were, these vibrations, one through the eyes, the other through the ears. They share in these vibrations. And they are moved to wonder or to admire.

So also in the sphere of the spirit, the more activity he has the more vibrations he produces and these vibrations are shared automatically with others. (Notice I use the personal pronoun “he” to refer to the spirit, because the spirit is a person, not a thing, as is supposed by many. “She” can also be used.)

To raise therefore your spiritual vibrations you simply raise your spiritual activity.

Ways of Raising Spiritual Activity

There are many ways of raising your spiritual vibrations. They are all activities of the spirit. Some of these are enumerated by spiritual writers: meditation is a favorite one, and there are several techniques of meditating; singing and listening to music; dancing or jogging around the neighborhood; laughing and sharing jokes with others; walking through the woods; forgiving our enemies; doing works of charity, etc.

The Best Way to Raise Your Spiritual Vibrations

But I consider prayer as the best way to raise your spiritual vibrations. It is strange that this activity is not listed by many spiritual writers as a way to raise spiritual vibration. Perhaps the reason for this is because our usual concept of prayer is that it is an activity connected with the church or some formal gathering.

But prayer defined simply as communication with the Spirit who is the source of all spirits or with the spirits who come from him is the most effective way of raising your spiritual vibration.

You can begin with a casual conversation with the spirits. Then you can progress through more intimate sharing with them. Finally you can unite yourself with the Spirit or you can accept the invitation of the Spirit to unite yourself with him. This is the highest form of activity, union with the Spirit, just as among human beings the highest form of activity is the union of the male and female, producing a new human being.

When we are united with the Supreme Spirit we get his vibration which is infinite. This is vibration at its highest level.

Sharing Our Vibrations With Others

The ballet dancer shares her vibrating body with the onlookers. The speaker shares her vibrating mind with the listeners. The audience is delighted and moved to wonder, admire or follow the ideas of the performer or speaker.

The same happens when we pray. We share automatically the vibrations of the Spirit with others. The good that flows to us is immediately shared with others. The person who genuinely prays or converses with the Spirit or spirits wishes for the good of those around him. And this good is shared with them. No wonder Alfred, Lord Tennyson put these words into the lips of King Arthur, “More things are wrought by prayer than this world dreams of.”

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