Contacting Spirits - How to Communicate with Dead People

Some people think that contacting spirits, communicating with dead people is forbidden by God. But what is explicitly forbidden in the Old Testament is to consult a necromancer, a person who contacts a dead person for the sake of knowing what will happen in the future. Communicating with dead persons is a normal phenomenon if we understand it correctly.

A Simple Example of Communicating with a Dead Person

I open the YouTube in my computer, I listen to a video recording of Jim Reeves' song "God Be With You ('til we meet again)". As I finish listening to the song I say, "Thank you, Jim Reeves, for singing that song. It made me feel hopeful that I will see my loved ones again in the other world."

My act of saying thank you to Jim Reeves who died in 1964 is an act of communicating with the dead. Although he died 48 years ago I still communicate with him.

How to Communicate with Dead People

Communicating with dead people need not be complicated. You do not have to draw a circle with the alphabet and numbers around it and then start allowing your fingers to go to those letters of the alphabet and numbers. You do not have to go to a medium and pay her to communicate with them.

The reason why it is not difficult to communicate with the departed is because in reality they are not dead. They are alive, as alive as me and you who are reading this. They are around us all the time. You just have to call them and they will listen to you and speak with you.

Dead persons are like electromagnetic waves. They are around you but you cannot see them with your physical eyes. You and I cannot see the electrons going into the computer but they are there carrying the ideas and messages we send and receive. So also with the dead, they are as real as those electrons working inside our computers.

Here are some steps which I use to communicate with anyone who have died. You can try them out.

1. Call on the name of that dead person and think about him or her. You can do this orally or even just mentally. You see, the reality of that dead person is in his or her name. Once you call on his or her name, that person will be in front of you, in the spirit of course, since his or her body has been buried somewhere.

I had a friend when I was in the elementary grades. He was massacred together with his parents and brothers. His name was Benigno. As soon as I call upon that name and think of him, then he is before me. And we can talk about the days when we were elementary pupils.

2. If I do not personally know the dead person I want to communicate with I do some research on his or her life. So you also can prepare for this activity by reading something about that dead person you want to communicate with if you did not know him or her personally when he or she was still living. Like you may want to do some research on the philosopher Socrates who died centuries ago, if you want to listen to him.

3. Talk to that person who in spirit is in front of you now. Then allow that person to talk to you. You may talk to him orally, aloud. But do not expect that you will also hear his voice talking to you. He lives already in the spiritual or invisible world where normally you do not see or hear anything.

Those are the simple steps anyone can do to contact spirits, communicate with persons who died before us. Of course, it need not be said that in order for these steps to be effective you must have faith in their efficacy.

In the beginning when you do these simple steps you may not really get the ideas from that person but what you think that person is saying to you. In other words it is really your ideas that you are getting, your ideas of what the person would say to you. This is understandable because even with a living person we may have ideas of what that person may say to us.

For example, I meet my brother whom I have not seen for quite some time. Upon meeting him I have the idea that my brother is glad to see me. That is really my idea that my brother is glad to see me but that most probably is also his idea, he is really glad to see me.

So also in communicating with the dead. At first we may get only what we think is what the dead person wants to say to us. But with habit the ideas will really come from that departed. Then we will soon discover that the dead is telling us truths which we can never know except through him. For example, I learned so many things from Cardinal Nicolas of Cusa which I could never learn from anyone else, not even from reading his books.

You may ask this question: If contacting spirits, communicating with dead people is that simple, why don't we see or hear of most people doing this? The reason why most do not explicitly communicate with the dead is because they have not wakened up spiritually. They are still living in their physical bodies or in their minds only, not in their spirits. They need to wake up spiritually. My articles teach men and women how to wake up spiritually.

So, there you are. You can certainly contact spirits, communicate with persons who have died. Call on his or her name, make some study about that person if you do not know him or her personally, talk to him or her in spirit and listen to him or her.

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