3 Ways to Experience a Spiritual Awakening Within You

When I say that most people are spiritually asleep I mean that they are not using their spiritual abilities or powers as they should. They are like people who are indeed alive but do not move around the house, do not perform any work because they are still in bed sleeping and still dreaming. Here are 3 ways whereby you can experience a spiritual awakening within you so that you can wake up spiritually and do the works of the spirit.

Notice Everything Around You and Their Interconnectedness

This advice is quite simple but most of us do not do it. We go through life not even noticing one half of the material things around us, much less the spiritual things. We do not notice the varied shapes of the trees around us, the beautiful formation of the clouds above us, the tiny creatures that crawl on the ground and a thousand other things before us. If we are not aware of the things which we can see, how shall we be aware of those things which we cannot see, the spiritual things?

As you really begin to take notice of the things around you and their interconnectedness a world of super abundance is going to be revealed to your consciousness, a world teeming with the endless procession of life. You will notice the smallest bacteria that spoil your food to the largest stars above you and realize that these two groups of creatures are interrelated.

Unfortunately reason cannot discover this relationship. How can the bacteria be related to the stars? They are too far apart to be related in some meaningful way. Thus we reason. But if we begin to see relationships in the things around us, we will certainly discover the relationship of things even farther from the stars our human eyes can see.

We know that plants are related to the soil where they grow. Uproot them from the soil and they die. We know also that fish are related to the water they swim in. Take out the fish from the water and sooner or later they die. We know that human beings are related to this earth. Take out human beings from the earth without any support systems and they simply die. The relationship of these things is obvious. But when we realize that these things are related not only as material objects but as objects that have meanings, then we shall discover that any object is related to any other object precisely because both possess meaning.

Bacteria are related to the stars because both are beings with meanings. Bacteria serve to clean up our environment, transforming matter into fertilizer. And the stars no matter how far away supply the heat needed by the bacteria to survive and multiply.

When we realize the interconnectedness of all things we begin to see the spiritual element of these things, because this interconnectedness is invisible to our physical eyes and even invisible also to our mind. It can only be perceived by the spirit in us.

Perceiving this interconnectedness of all things we begin to wake up from our spiritual slumber and start to experience spiritual awakening.

Meditate on Your Relationship with the Persons Who Passed This Earth

Your great grandparents are most probably gone but they were here once on this planet Earth. Their bodies are laid to rest in some cemeteries but their spirits are still here. Probably no people have preserved this sense of the presence of the departed than the Chinese. You look at the picture of those who have left this planet Earth by death and they seem to be alive and still able to communicate ideas with you. Why is this? It is because their spirits are still with you. Their spirits live in the things they made, be it a chair or a book or some other thing.

As you begin to feel the presence of their spirits in the things they have left you, communicate with them. You will be surprised to discover that they can still communicate with you. You do not have to go to a séance in order to communicate with the spirits of those who have gone ahead. Just talk to them in your spirit. The famous Napoleon Hill used to call periodic conferences with dead persons whom he admired, like George Washington, Napoleon Bonaparte, and others. At first he was afraid to reveal to the public that he was engaging in these conferences with the spirits of the dead. But later he was convinced that this was not an abnormal activity and its benefits could be shared with others.

If you maintain a healthy relationship and communication with the spirits of the departed, one day you will spiritually wake up with the realization that you are surrounded by a host of spirits who long to communicate with you.

Pray Always

Those two words are not observed by most people. They only pray when they are in trouble or when they need something that they think they cannot accomplish by their own power. They forget that they cannot accomplish anything by their own power.

Probably when you were a child you were taught some prayers but you think you have outgrown your prayers. You think you are now mature and are on your own. Nothing can be farther from the truth. As you grow older you need to pray more, not just about more things but more often. And you need to learn how to pray always, even when you are in a most intense activity.

I once discovered a group of men who pray more than the priests or the Religious in monasteries. They are the linemen who work with the electrical power cables. The priests or the Religious go to their Masses and their scheduled prayer time. But after that they usually devote their time to their work. But the linemen have to pray as they go to their work of installing or repairing electrical wires. As they hung on to the poles they keep praying that they be preserved from sudden death. They know that they can lose their lives with one minor mistake. And after their work they keep on praying with thanksgiving for being preserved from electrocution. These linemen tell me that they pray 24 hours a day because they do not know when they will be called to repair an electrical line. Emergencies cannot be predicted.

When you are able to pray always, conversing with the Spirit of all spirits about anything that matters to you, you shall be on the road to full spiritual awakening within you.

These are the three ways to experience a spiritual awakening within you: 1) Notice everything around you and their interconnectedness; 2) Meditate on your relationship with the persons who passed this earth; 3) Learn to pray always.

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