3 Ways to Develop a Greater Spiritual Connection to a Higher Power

I remember 1975 as the year when the subject Communications was first offered in the university where I was studying. This subject was offered in order to deal with the dynamic flow of information within and among organizations. But it did not deal directly with communications of spirits among individuals and groups. It did not teach us how to connect with a higher power. Connecting with a higher power involves more than just the principles taught in the subject Communications.


The very first step to develop a greater spiritual connection to a higher power is silence. This is strange because in the ordinary affairs of life if you want to connect with somebody you have to speak to him or her. But in spirituality if you want to connect with a higher power, a spirit or your guardian angel or your God, your first step is silence.

By silence I do not just mean that you keep your mouth shut. You also keep your mind closed to the ideas around your head. You listen to the silence within you. This is because the realm of the spirit is beyond words and beyond ideas. And the higher power is in the realm of the spirit. Unless you are silent you cannot connect with the higher power.

Physical silence is easy to understand. You simply do not talk or make any noise. But mental silence is quite a difficult concept for most people because our brain keeps on working even during sleep. During sessions of meditation people often complain of distractions. They ask how they can focus their mind on what they are meditating when swarms of ideas just come to their mind.

The way to mental silence is like the way to physical silence. After a lot of talking you are tired and you want to stop talking. Then you stop talking. You are physically silent. The same happens in mental silence. Just keep on thinking. Distractions will come but soon you will be tired and either you fall asleep or you go into a state when you do not think of anything explicit. Then you enter into mental silence.

How long do you put yourself in silence? You can start with 5 minutes. Or you can do this for an extended period of time when you are at home or in some retreat. But the important point is that you make this as an attitude in your life. When you have leisure you go into this mode of silence.

In silence you will feel the stirrings of the spirit or the higher power. You see, the higher power is more interested in connecting with you than you are with him. But he cannot connect with you while you are busy physically or mentally with other things. He needs your undivided attention and you can give this to him only if you are silent both physically and mentally.


Look at children as they play. Observe them. If you have an opportunity, go to an orphanage and mix with the children there, embracing some of them. Look at their eyes. You will find a higher power among them.

Children do not care about the problem of adults. They keep on asking questions. They are still fresh from being influenced by the spirits. The spirits are still moving around them.

And be a child again. Play with them. Entertain them. Tell them stories. You will feel being a child again.

It is on occasions like these when the higher power will also play with you. Our human bodies grow old, but spirits grow younger with time. When Charles Hard Townes, the inventor of the maser, the precursor of the laser, was 94 years old, he was asked how he could still work at that age. His answer implied that he was still like a child playing with the electronic gadgets that he was tinkering with.

Inventions are revealed to us by higher powers who connect with us if we behave like simple children, receptive to their impulses and suggestions.


The third way to develop a greater spiritual connection to a higher power is simply surrendering to him. Once we are acquainted with a higher power and we know that this higher power is a good one, not an evil one, we simply surrender to him.

In surrendering to this higher power we begin to obtain his own powers, we become like him. This is because by surrendering we are taken to his own level.

Silence, behaving like a child, and surrendering are 3 ways to develop a greater spiritual connection to a higher power.

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