A Few Spiritual Messages We Can Need

Do you want to enjoy your life to the full? Do you want to be happy beyond all your expectations?

There are some messages you need to learn in order to be happy beyond your wildest dreams. They are only a few, but they are spiritual messages. These messages have taken on a more relevant turn because of the signs of a spiritual awakening among us. More and more people have spiritually awakened. They want more from life than just the best of material things, like fine houses and the latest cars. They want more substantial things and they turn to the things which cannot be seen, but which they hunger for, the things of the spirit.

Here are those few spiritual messages we can need during these times of spiritual awakening.

Message 1. Everything that there is has come into existence by an Intelligence superior to any and all intelligences. We just call this the Intelligence. We do not call him the most intelligent being, since labeling him “most” can mean that he can be compared with other intelligences and he belongs to the superlative degree. There is just no way of comparing him with others. We do not even call him the most superior or supreme intelligence. These terms denote comparison and there is just no way of comparing him with others. He is totally unique, the Intelligence, from whom all came into being.

Just look at the arrangement of things around you and you see beauty, a plan, a symmetry, an orderliness that cannot just happen by chance. If you still want more of the wonders of creation you can peer into the microscope to see how even tiny particles of matter hide such great beauty and symmetry. Or you can glance through the telescope at the colossal wonders of the sky beyond.

There is no need to prove the existence of this Intelligence. It is most obvious. We can only acknowledge its existence, not prove it. The philosophers spent centuries to prove his existence when there was no need to prove it. It is like proving to you that what you are reading right now came from me. There is no need to prove this. You simply acknowledge that I wrote this, what you are reading right now.

Message 2. This Intelligence who brought everything into being cares about you and the minutest details of your life. He has even numbered each strand of your hair, according to the Christian scripture. In other words, he is a most loving Intelligence. Again words fail to describe him. He is Love itself. There is no need and there is no way of comparing his love with others. He loves to the uttermost degree we cannot even think of.

What is the meaning of this? It means that he wants us to be the best, to have the best, to experience the best stay on this planet earth and beyond.

Message 3. The third message is a consequence of the second. This Intelligence wants you to enjoy life to the fullest. He does not want you to be sad or sorrowful. He does not want you to experience pain or privation.

Despite all the poverty, the suffering, the chaos we see in the world all around us, the truth is that this Intelligence does not want these things for us. He wants us to experience freedom from poverty, victory over suffering, order out of chaos.

Message 4. This Intelligence is not just most powerful, but is all powerful. He is able to do what he wants to do, except contradict himself. Because he is powerful he is willing and most able to free you from all the sufferings and privations and persecutions you may be undergoing through right now. All he needs is only for you to contact him, to listen to him and to obey.

We hear all kinds of accidents all around us. This airplane crashed. That bus went headlong after losing its brake, plunging to death all its passengers. A storm is raging and flood ensues, drowning thousands of inhabitants. An earthquake strikes, toppling buildings burying their occupants alive. All these are happening around us but this is not the will of this Intelligence. They do happen because we do not listen to him. Most people are ignorant of this Intelligence. They put up a god of their own who cannot deliver them from these dangers.

Message 5. This Intelligence guides you the best way so you can enjoy life to the fullest. You need only listen and obey.

He has a way of delivering you from all the dangers surrounding you, if you allow him to do so. You need only to be careful to listen to him and obey.

How many times I have experienced this myself. One time while riding a van I heard a great explosion. I saw that the front windshield of the van was shattered. I expected blood to be splashed all around. I was most surprised that I did not see even just one drop of blood. A big stone had crashed into the front of the van from a delivery truck. But no passenger was hurt. The stone hit the head rest of the front seat. The Intelligence had spared us. The incident gave a lesson to delivery truck owners to cover their cargo with canvass so that nothing flies out of them.

Message 6. Our destiny is to enjoy the company of this Intelligence who will reveal to us everything that he knows, even his very own self. We are naturally curious. We want to know this, we want to know that. A time will come when we will know all the mystery of this universe. We will then know how many planets in the universe are like our own, why this universe seems to be expanding like a mat being spread out. Not only will we know completely what is happening all around us, we will know this Intelligence as we would know our spouse. He will reveal his own life and very self to us. What more can we desire?

Message 7. All of us are interconnected with one another, with all the elements, plants and animals, all thoughts and all ideas, organically so that the life of this Intelligence flows through and in all of us. Only rejection of this Intelligence makes our life miserable. All the evils, dangers, sufferings we see in this world and will ever see or experience come from the rejection of this Intelligence and his guidance.

All the uneasiness and spiritual turmoil we see around us, people taking in drugs of all sorts, crimes of greater magnitude being committed everyday, terrorism just lurking around the corner are all warnings for all of us to wake up spiritually, to listen to what this Intelligence tells us and to follow him.

It does not matter to what religion we belong, this Intelligence works in all religions, among all kinds of people. He is no respecter of tribes or nations. He does not speak only to Christians or only to Muslims or only to Hindus. He speaks even to those who are very far yet from civilization of any kind, who still only gather fruits and dig out root crops for food.

Reading these messages may give you the impression that life is simple. Indeed it is. It is only human beings who have made it complicated. Learn more about this Intelligence, know more of him, feel his love and care for you for he is able to take care of you in all your needs. When you cross the other side of life you will see his smiling welcome. Then you will conclude it was worth your while to know him and live with him while you were on planet earth.

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Getting Spiritually Clean - Where to Go For a Spiritual Cleansing

There is a natural tendency for us to choose that which is clean and generally we prefer to be clean ourselves physically. We want to eat clean foods, to drink clean water and wear clean clothes.

When a person has spiritually awakened, there comes a time when he wants to be clean not only physically but also spiritually. He wants clean living. If he has engaged in taking illegal drugs, he now wants to get rid of this habit. If he has taken alcohol compulsively he now wants to stop this slavery to alcohol. He wants clean living. And he asks, How or where can he get spiritual cleansing?

The Meaning of Spiritually Clean

We have to know first the meaning of being spiritually clean. We know what it means to be physically clean. There is no dirt in our body, no foreign object or stain or particles in our body like dust or grease. We know also what it means to be mentally clean. We do not have a dirty mind, we are not thinking of something that is not supposed to be in our mind, like evil thoughts.

In the same way by spiritually clean we mean that there is nothing dirty or foreign to our spirit, something that is not supposed to be there. And the two things that are not supposed to be there, which make our spirit unclean, are hatred and fear. If a person has these or one of these, he has an unclean spirit.

Why do hatred and fear make our spirit unclean? Because they are foreign to the nature of the spirit. Watch those who we say or describe as full of the spirit. The two qualities which they exude more than all other qualities are those of love and boldness. These latter belong to the spirit as natural qualities, whereas their opposite, hatred and fear are most foreign to the spirit and make it unclean.

Where To Go For Spiritual Cleansing

So, where do you go for spiritual cleansing? Of course you go to the Spirit of purity, the one who is clean, who has no evil thought, who has no hatred and no fear. If you are near him and you are one with him you will not experience this dirtiness or uncleanness of the spirit. You associate with this Spirit and follow his directions on how you may be cleaned spiritually, because by yourself you cannot get rid of these two emotions that make your spirit dirty.

Why We Cannot Make Ourselves Spiritually Clean

There is a story in southern Philippines which illustrates to us how deep-seated hatred is in us.

The story relates that in some communities if you have offended a member of that community, the member or his relative will plant a bamboo. This bamboo will remind the community that you have offended its members and so they will take a revenge against you for this offense, no matter how distant in the future is the revenge.

And here is the reason why they plant a bamboo and not a tree. The tree grows old and it dies after so many years, even if takes hundreds of years. But the bamboo never dies of its own. It spreads its roots and multiplies its shoots and grows more and more. You cannot kill it by just felling it down, not even by burning it. After the burning young shoots will germinate and start all over again the growth of the bamboo.

The bamboo will remind the community of your offense forever and the community will take steps to take its revenge on you.

That is how deep seated hatred is in us. We may not plant a literal bamboo, but the hatred goes deeper than the roots of the bamboo, into our deepest consciousness, making our spirit unclean, destroying our life.

That is why we need the Spirit to uproot this hatred from our life. It is interesting that both Hinduism and Christianity portray the Spirit as a cleansing spirit. In Hinduism we have Shiva, the destroyer of the universe, of the impurities in our world. In Christianity the Spirit is represented as fire. Fire destroys and purifies metals.

The Spirit is the one who purifies us, who makes us clean. The purification is painful, because it is as if by fire, but the fruit of this is spiritual purity, we become loving and bold. If you are a Christian you can trust in the shed blood of Jesus as the agent that has cleaned your spirit of all dirt and impurities, making you bold and loving. But if you say that you are a Christian and that you trust in the blood of Jesus to clean your spirit, but you have not experienced being bold and loving that blood is still useless to you. You are not clean spiritually. It is all theory to you.

Again fear is most natural to us and we cannot get rid of it. When as children we heard the roar of the thunder we naturally got afraid. We are naturally afraid to die. As we grow we experience so many other fears, fear of height, fear of people, fear of darkness, etc., even fear of ourselves. We are not confident. We are unclean spiritually. Fear is not supposed to be in our spirit.

Again, where do we go for getting rid of fear? To the Spirit of boldness. It is told that the Apostles became bold and fearless when the Spirit descended upon them. As we associate more with this Spirit we become bold and fearless, that is, clean spiritually.

Sexual Activity Of Itself Does Not Make Your Spirit Unclean

This spiritual cleanness has no negative relation with sexual activities. There are some people who think that sexual activity makes the spirit unclean. When Watchman Nee got married, some of the Christians around him got offended because they did not expect that such a spiritual man should marry, engage in sexual activity. They did not realize that sex of itself does not make a person spiritually unclean. If sex is done in hatred and fear, then the spirit is made unclean, not by the sex but by the hatred and fear that accompany it. But if it is done in love and with confidence, it does not make the spirit unclean.

You Can Be Spiritually Clean Always

Now that you know what spiritual cleanliness is, how to get clean, where to go to be cleaned spiritually, it is for you to be always in communication with the Spirit of spiritual cleanliness if you want to be clean spiritually. He will clean you, meaning he will make you bold and loving. Only he has the power to do this. He is the only one who plants in you that uneasiness and spiritual hunger for spiritual cleanliness. That is why you go to him. He will wake you up spiritually and cleanse you. No amount of water washing can clean your spirit. At best water washing can only remind you of the spiritual washing, the spiritual cleansing.

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A Step-By-Step Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment

You are about to wake up spiritually. You come from a condition of spiritual darkness to that of spiritual light. There are signs of spiritual awakening in you. When you are spiritually awakened you look for light to enlighten you as you continue with your life. You need and want a step-by-step guide to spiritual enlightenment. Here is what I can offer you if you are one of these persons who are in the situation of spiritual awakening but may not know how to go about getting spiritual enlightenment.

Step 1. Contact the Spirit of Enlightenment. The very first step you are supposed to do is to contact the Spirit of enlightenment. If you want spiritual enlightenment you need him who can give you spiritual enlightenment, no other than the Spirit of enlightenment.

And it is not difficult to contact him because he is always available. It is not like contacting an important personality, like a nation’s president, who is too busy to attend to you. This Spirit is always available. It is you who may not be available. In fact he is always waiting for you to contact him.

How then do you contact him? This is very simple to do, but it takes discipline. Make yourself available to him by giving him a definite time and a definite place in your life. Choose a time during the day for him when you are least disturbed. If you cannot choose any time, then make that time. Some people have it best very early in the morning or late at night, but not very late. When I began this exercise the best time for me was from 6 to 6:30 in the evening. Thirty minutes of your time will do.

Concerning the place, again choose a place where you are least disturbed. It can be your bedroom, your office room, a chapel near you, or whatever. Some construct a small room where there are an electric fan, light and chair and no other furniture. In my case when I started I used a chapel. People usually do not disturb you when you are in a chapel.

Just sit there in that place during the time when you make yourself available to the Spirit. That is step one.

Step 2. Allow him to communicate with you. As you sit there just allow the Spirit to communicate with you. He communicates with you among many means through three main methods. The first method is by the inward word. As you sit there ideas will comes to you. If you have the intention of being available to him, he is the one already communicating to you through these ideas. Do not think that those ideas still come from your self through your brain. They are already the ideas of the Spirit. He is already communicating to you.

The second method is by the word in creation. Creation outside of you is used by the Spirit to communicate with you. This may be a beautiful flower you are gazing at on your table, or it may be the wall you are facing, or the mountain beyond seen through the window. The Spirit communicates through that item of creation. He may impress you about its beauty, its durability, its greatness.

The third method he ordinarily uses to communicate with you is by the word in some books. This may be a Bible, a Qur’an, a Buddhist or Hindu scripture or any other sacred book in any religion. Open it and read it as he impresses upon your mind the ideas from the book.

Step 3. Listen to him. Do not just keep on reading, or wondering at the flower, or hearing inwardly the interior word. Listen to the Spirit. In other words, listen attentively. Concentrate on what he is saying to you. Spiritual enlightenment is not a frivolous matter. It is serious business.

Step 4. Think about what he tells you. Then think about what the Spirit tells you. This is called by some as meditation. It is going over and over in your mind the ideas and words he tells you. Relate these words to your life, to your work, to your dealings with your family members, with your companions in work and leisure.

This is now the time for talking with the Spirit. Talk with him. If you follow the steps carefully you will no longer be talking with yourself, you will really be talking with the Spirit of enlightenment. Remember he is more interested in talking with you than you to him. There is no room for deception here as long as you follow the steps carefully.

Do not be afraid that another spirit is talking with you. This can only happen if you have a preconceived idea of what to think when you enter that place and time which you make available for him. As long as you are open to him, he will not deceive you nor allow you to be deceived by other spirits.

Step 5. Do what he bids you to do. Then, the next step is most important. Do what he bids you to do. It may be just to come back to that place the next day at the same appointed time. It may be to become more loving to your wife and children. It may be just to be more considerate of those people you work with. Whatever he tells you that you do.

Step 6. Record your experience with him. It is best to keep a written record of your experience with the Spirit of truth who enlightens every person in this world, no matter what your religion is. Write down some of the ideas he shares with you. It need not be extensive. It can be brief summaries of the ideas the Spirit impressed upon your mind. Some people call this journalizing or keeping a diary.

The advantage of having a written record of these ideas is that later you will be able to see the pathway or pathways the Spirit has led you along, as you read this. Then you can thank the Spirit. In this way also you will have some idea where the Spirit is leading you.

Another benefit you can have in writing down these impressions from the Spirit is that you can show it to a friend whom you trust and share with her the ways of the Spirit. In this way you help your friend and you also help yourself, because your friend may give you some comments about your journal.

Just write the date when you write the ideas. I usually write the day and date and then I encircle these so that it can be easily located in my notebook. Like for example today I would write as Th101021, meaning Thursday, 2010 of the 10th month of the year and the date is 21.

When I began this practice I used to have one notebook only for this purpose. Later on I have a big notebook for all the notes that I write and I put my journal as only one topic in my notebook. I entitle this portion of my notebook as Spiritual.

Step 7. Be faithful to these steps until they become a habit in your life. Finally, be faithful to this practice even when you do not feel doing it. In the beginning you may get excited. So many ideas will flood your mind. Later you may wonder that you do not feel going through the exercise and the ideas seem to be fewer and fewer. Just persevere. But do not force yourself. If you need to rest from the routine, take a rest. Later come back to it.

As you begin to be faithful to this exercise of making yourself available to the communication of the Spirit you will notice that your life is becoming well ordered and new and useful ideas come to you. You will be more and more enlightened.

The Spirit sooner or later will guide you to fuller and fuller enlightenment and you will be able to enlighten others also. That is the pathway of spiritual enlightenment.

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Spirituality - How Meditation Can Make You Spiritual

If you want to wake up spiritually, paradoxically one of the first things you have to do is to slow down your life and take stock of the things and images around you.

When we physically wake up in the morning, we rise up and use our eyes to look around and see what is there around us. In the spiritual life that is also what happens. We rise up using our mind to look around us. That is basically what meditation is, a looking around us, using our mind, not just our eyes.

And meditation can make you spiritual during these times when there are signs of a spiritual awakening because of the uneasiness and spiritual hunger of very many who are dissatisfied with the fast pace of modern life. Indeed there is spiritual awakening happening around us and those who are spiritually awakened help the others who are just groping around to get their bearings in life.

Many Meanings of Meditation

To find out how meditation can make you spiritual, you need first to know more what meditation is. If you read books and articles about meditation you will notice that there are so many meanings of meditation—from thinking to no thinking at all. Again we shall know more about it by getting rid of meanings which have been applied to it but are not really descriptive of it. And we know what meditation really is only by going through it, by doing it, by experiencing it, not by talking or writing or reading about it.

What Meditation Is Not

Meditation is not introspection, a mental examination of one’s feelings, thoughts, condition, situation, sensations. This is nearly brooding. And brooding is not related to meditation, except that both are processes of the mind.

Meditation is not mere thinking, either, even deep thinking or planning. One can think deeply about a project proposal he intends to send to a funding agency but that is not meditation. Meditation is a relaxing experience, not a heavy burden on our mind.

The Levels of Meditation

There are many grades or levels of meditation. It starts with awareness of yourself in relation to others. Then it graduates to awareness of the world in relation to you. Finally, if you are a Christian, it ends with the awareness of God as your loving Father. If you are a Muslim, it may end with the awareness of God as Most Compassionate, Most Merciful to you and others. And if you are a Buddhist it may end with the awareness of ultimate freedom from rebirth and constant rebirth. Other religions also have their end point in meditation, all valid and relevant to their practitioners.

This is the kind of meditation that can make you spiritual, an ever growing awareness of yourself in relation to others, of the world in relation to you and of God in relation to all. And what do we mean by spiritual? Basically it means that you are a loving person. For our whole existence is summed up in love.

And how can meditation make you spiritual?

First, by slowing down the pace of your life. No matter what meaning you take of meditation, as long as it is not introspection and mere thinking but basically an awareness of relationships, to yourself, to others and to God, it takes time out of life to view and think of these relationships. Slowing your life means that you are able to think of others and help them.

Secondly, meditation connects you with the whole of creation and non-created reality. In this interconnectedness of all things you realize the oneness of all.

And thirdly, meditation makes you loving. Have you noticed the Buddhist monks? They are so compassionate, even toward animals. Compassion is the fruit of genuine meditation.

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Leading a Spiritual Life

In an age of spiritual awakening such as we are going through, there are more and more people who are spiritually awakened and they would like to lead a spiritual life. Somehow they are dissatisfied with their present state of life in religion and want something more relevant in their lives. There is a sense of uneasiness and spiritual hunger in their hearts. This is just one of the signs of a spiritual awakening happening right before our very eyes.

People Turn to Spirituality From Religion

The traditional churches are mostly empty in North America and in Europe, places where once religion mightily flourished even to the shedding of blood. Why? Because people are looking for something substantial, something they can truly make use of in these times of exploding information overload.

And rightly they turn to spirituality. And they seek spiritual leaders, men and women who are leading a spiritual life.

This article describes what leading a spiritual life is. Hopefully the reader will realize that this is the kind of life she is searching for. And she will have some ideas how to lead it herself.

By showing what a thing is not, we may be able to easily grasp what it really is.

What Leading a Spiritual Life Is Not

Leading a spiritual life is not the same as leading a religious life. There are many religious people who are not manifestly leading a spiritual life. If you are a Catholic, just observe the many daily church goers, attending Mass every day, whose lives do not show any improvement in the way they deal with people, even with their household help.

If you are a Protestant, observe how many of those who go to a preaching service also go to the midweek prayer sessions. Very few indeed. And still observe those who go to the midweek prayer sessions. Listen carefully to what they speak and how they speak. They do not talk about their Lord but about this and that thing which needs to be done, to be improved, to be changed.

These people are religious indeed, but manifestly not spiritual.

Leading a spiritual life is not the same as leading a moral life. A person may be totally morally upright according to human standards and yet not be spiritual. He may observe all the commandments he knows but fail to be spiritual.

The best example I can think of right now of a person who was moral but not spiritual is Immanuel Kant. He was a totally upright man as far as human standards are concerned. He put forth a moral maxim which he faithfully followed and I render it here as: So behave that your action becomes a norm of universal law. This means that if you follow this maxim you are always following moral laws, the best of moral laws, because they are part of the universal law. And Kant just did that. He never hurt anyone, did not bother anyone, and most probably did not also love anyone. He died a bachelor.

Leading a spiritual life is not the same as leading a theological life. There are many theologians who day and night ponder over the Bible and their volume upon volume of books. But many of them are not necessarily spiritual. How do I know? You approach them and they begin to talk to you and spin out so many theories related to theology. But they leave your heart empty.

Leading a spiritual life is not the same as leading a philanthropic life. You may be giving millions of dollars to the poor or not so poor, but you may not be able to give them your heart.
Leading a spiritual life is not the same as leading a healthy life. There are many saints of God who were poor in health but spiritually they were rich.

Leading a spiritual life is not the same as leading an intellectual life. There are many scientists and philosophers who devote their lives to intellectual pursuits, to research work both speculative and practical, but their lives are not necessarily spiritual by this. Some of them do not even respect life. They want to change our life processes by the so-called genetic engineering.

So, if leading a spiritual life is not all this, what is it? In a sense the answer is very simple, and yet it cannot be understood by someone whose mind is not attuned to spiritual reality.

What Leading a Spiritual Life Is

Leading a spiritual life is being concerned with the things of the spirit.

The religious person is concerned with the doctrines, practices and rites of her religion, the moral person is concerned with morality, with living uprightly, the theologian is concerned with the fine points of theology, the philanthropist is concerned with how to distribute his wealth, the health fanatic is concerned with keeping herself young and active, the intellectual elite is concerned with discovering more and more knowledge.

They are all concerned with something that is not necessarily spiritual. But the spiritual person is concerned with the things of the spirit and she leads her life accordingly.

And what are the things of the spirit? Basically it is loving the self and others as they ought to be loved, to care for them, to have compassion for them. This is easily said than done.

So simple and yet so impossible to do, because we have a fallen nature. Fallen nature simply means that we are naturally concerned about ourselves than others. Perhaps too overly concerned about ourselves. We are pre-occupied with our Ego in capital letters.

That is why we need a guide to lead us out of ourselves to the needs of others. Because even the most fundamental needs of others we cannot know unless the eyes of the spirit are opened: the need to love and be loved. But those who are willing to lead a spiritual life are now ready to wake up spiritually.

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Jesus' Home Life — Now Revealed

Most Christians do not bother about Jesus’ home life, the so-called hidden years of Jesus in Nazareth. They think that what is important for them is his public life, the last 3 to 4 years of his life when he preached, taught, suffered and died. They do not realize that Jesus’ hidden life or home life is as important as his public life to us. Why is this?

Jesus’ Hidden Life Is As Important As His Public Life

This is because it is his home life that most of us Christians can imitate. Most of us do not go about preaching, teaching, healing the sick, fighting the religious authorities of our day, as Jesus did in the last 3 to 4 years of his life. Most of us stay at home at night and go to our work during the day. We work at our respective places in the business or agricultural world. Therefore we cannot imitate his public life unless we are a wandering evangelist. And most of us are not.

Since most of us labor in our work places, we need to look at how Jesus labored in his own work place so that we can imitate this life, our model life.

A Very Good Objection

The objection that is immediately put up is: But we know so little of his home life. How can we imitate it?

This objection is due to the fact that on superficial reading of the Bible we discover very few verses which deal with his home life or hidden life. But if we open wide our spiritual eyes we will see that there is more than enough description of this home life.

More Information About Jesus’ Home Life

First, we go to 2 verses which summarize Jesus’ life. They are found in the Letter to the Hebrews. It says in one verse that Jesus was made like us in all things and again in another verse it says that he understands our feelings, our weaknesses, our infirmities because he was tried in every respect but he did not sin. These verses describe a lot about Jesus. He was as human as we are.

As a child he played as all children play. We do not have to believe the apocryphal gospels about the games he played, like fashioning a clay into a live bird.

As a young man he sang, danced, drank wine, reveled during feast days. How do we know? Because he behaved like any normal young man behaved.

Some may ask: Was he sexually attracted to the opposite sex? Sure, he was, because he was a normal human being. But he had no thought of having a sinful relationship with a girl around his own age.

Some think this was not fitting for Jesus to experience, a sexual attraction to the opposite sex. But he could not be like us in all things if he did not experience this attraction. And the Word of God is clear: He was like unto us in all things, only he did not sin. And there is nothing sinful in sexual attraction. It is inbuilt in our human nature by God himself. It is a most natural feeling.

Secondly, from the Gospels we know how Jesus started his day. He started his day very early, rising up long before the dawning of the day, then he would go out to a lonely place and there prayed, that is, conversed with his heavenly Father.

We also know how he closed this day, again with prayer, conversing with his heavenly Father.

Thirdly, still from the Gospels we know what Jesus did during the day in his home. He worked as a carpenter: building and repairing houses, making and fixing furniture, fashioning farm implements. According to Justin the Martyr, plows and yokes made by Jesus were still in existence during his time, that is, around 120.

Fourthly, still from the Gospels, we know that every Sabbath day or Saturday Jesus went to the local synagogue (like our chapel) and he would read the Scriptures publicly.

Fifthly, if we are genuine Christians this home life of Jesus is being relived in us as we live from day to day. For the real life we live as Christians is his life. We merely continue the home life of Jesus in our own home life.

Jesus’ Home Life Revealed

Now we know how Jesus lived in Nazareth. He rose up very early in the morning to converse with his Father God. Like us he ate and drank, and he worked as a carpenter and before retiring at night he conversed again with his Father God. During Sabbath or Saturdays, instead of working, he went to the synagogue to read God’s Word publicly.

Finally, Jesus lives his home life again in us, making us imitate him in those hidden years of his life in our own hidden life. Now we know the home life of Jesus. It is also our home life lived in him.

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