The Effect of Saying Your Early Morning Prayers

There is a kind of water that appears only until early morning. It is formed at night when the temperature of a field drops and it disappears when the sun begins to raise the temperature in the morning.

This water is called dew. It is described as water droplets produced by condensation from the air on cool surfaces near the ground.

Early Morning Prayers Are Like the Dew

The effect of saying your early morning prayers—an hour or so before the sun appears on the horizon—is like the dew. You can get this beneficial effect only during the early hours of the morning. After this, like the dew, it vanishes into the atmosphere.

That is why if you do not pray in the early morning you will not get this dewy effect of prayer.

The Effect of Early Morning Prayers

The first benefit you get from the dew is refreshing water. It is water at its purest and coolest in the natural environment.

So also in early morning prayers the first benefit you get is a refreshing of your spirit, soul and body. Your body is rested and prepares itself for the work of the day. Your mind is also refreshed from the cares, worries and problems of the previous day. Your spirit is refreshed by the Spirit of God as he communes with you.

Water invigorates you. It gives you strength and vitality to do your work.

In the same way early morning prayers invigorate your body, soul and spirit to continue doing the mission that God has given you in life.

Great Religions Prescribe Early Morning Prayers

Almost all religions advocate early morning prayers. In Islam early morning prayer is prescribed. Early morning prayers are also performed in Hindu temples and in Buddhist monasteries. In Christian religious groups there are also early morning prayers. Some recite the Matins or the First Hour of the Christian Prayer. Unfortunately in the Catholic Church this has been renamed Office of the Readings and can be prayed anytime of the day. But the best time for it is still early morning. Of course we still have the Office of the Morning Prayer which can be said in the early morning, that is, before the sun rises.

The Example of George Whitefield

Great men and women of God who have made a lasting impact on our world have been persons who prayed very early in the morning, some of them for a long time before daybreak. It was related of George Whitefield, the great revival preacher of the 18th century, that he would frequently devote whole nights to meditation and prayer. No wonder England and the United States greatly benefited from the revival he led.

Make It a Habit

Early morning prayers refresh your whole person and give you the strength and energy to do your work during the day. Make it a habit until you say it in the land which knows no setting of the sun.

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