Ways of Achieving Your Goals in Spirituality

Life is not what it seems to be. This is the impression we grow with. When we were children we thought life was a time of games and play. Then when we became adolescents we were worried more about our achievements in school. Then as we grow into young adults we were interested in what course to take up in college.

Many Goals, Many Ways

Life’s goals seem to be changing all the time. When I ask my students what their goal in life is, they usually answer: To finish college. So I ask them, “Do you mean to say that when you shall have finished your college course you are going to sit down, relax, and enjoy life and say to yourself, Rest for you have reached your life’s goal?” This convinces them that finishing college is not really their goal in life.

As in life, so also in spirituality. Our goals change. There may have been a time when our goal in spirituality was not to commit sins. But as we grow in spirit we realize that spirituality is not only about avoiding sins. It is more than this. It is living an abundant life, free from debilitating tensions. In spirituality there are many goals or rather, spirituality can be applied to reaching many goals in life: freedom from addiction of alcohol and smoking, a more satisfying love life, a more stable and profitable business, a more healthy mind and body, a more harmonious family relationship, a more confident self-image, a more intimate relationship with God.

And you ask: What are the ways of achieving these goals in spirituality? There are many ways. We can explore some of them here.

Some Ways of Achieving Your Goals in Spirituality

One way is by writing a journal about your goals in spirituality and the ways you use to achieving these goals. It is not a mere diary. It is a journal with a specific purpose: to periodically reflect upon your goals in the spiritual life and the means you use to attain these goals. You will notice after a year or two that your goals are changing.

Another way is by taking time out from your work and go into a retreat. You can begin with a retreat of one or two days. It does not matter where you spend this retreat. It can be in a hotel room, or in a religious house or a specific retreat house. The important thing is that you stop your work and reflect on your spiritual life, what spiritual goals you want to achieve and how you can do this. Later you can lengthen the time of your retreat. If you have the luxury of time you can imitate the members of the Society of Jesus who make a month long retreat.

An improvement on this method is by having a life coach around or a retreat master who can guide you in your spiritual journey. You can consult him or her during this time of retreat or even outside of retreat time.

Another way which worked for many in the past is called the Examination of Conscience Exercise. Every night before you retire you reflect on the day that has passed and ask how successful you have achieved your spiritual goal for the day, like keeping silence for 10 minutes during the day. Then if you have achieved your goal you set another goal and strive to achieve that in the following day.

Of course, meditation is a very popular way of achieving spiritual goals. There are many ways of meditating. It will be beneficial for you to learn more about this way of achieving your goals in spirituality.

Another way is reflective reading of a book on spirituality. More and more books on spirituality are published daily. You can choose one which fits in with your religious background.

There are other ways. There are even bodily exercises which can help you in achieving those goals, like the tai chi, the yoga postures and others. Some have tried drugs to achieve their goals. I do not advice this.

Choose what suits you and you will certainly progress in achieving your goals in spirituality.

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