How Do You Determine Your Vision of Heaven?

"Heaven" is a word that means different things to different people, even to those who belong to the same religion. In the town where I graduated High School, there was a house with a signboard on top of it, "Blue Heaven". It was a brothel.

Different Visions of Heaven

If you are a Christian you would think of heaven as a place where you will see God face to face after you die, although there are some Christians who think that immediately after death the soul does not go anywhere but sleeps in the tomb. Your idea of heaven would be colored by the picture of the heavenly Jerusalem in the Book of Revelation.

If you are a Muslim your idea of heaven is that it is a place where there is a garden where the fruits are continuously ever produced by the plants. There you wear fine clothes, keep on eating in banquets, recline on couches of gold or precious stones, surrounded by your loved ones.

If you are a Buddhist your view of heaven is that it is state where you will be perfectly enlightened and you will be freed from the cycle of birth, death and rebirth.

Other religions have other views of heaven. Some think of it as a real place, others think of it more as a state or condition of being or existence. Some think of it as a place with different layers or levels of existence. Others think of it as just one flat place.

Many books and movies have been made which depict an aspect of heaven. But now that you have grown up and have your opinion on certain things like love, marriage, family, politics, economics, you want to have a more realistic or more genuine view of heaven. After all most believe that this is where we go to after we die if we do not end up in its opposite, hell. So, you are interested on forming your own vision of heaven.

Since heaven means so many things to different people, how do you determine your own vision of heaven?

You Determine Your Vision of Heaven by Following These Steps

First, think of what is the most happy way to exist. You may arrive at a conclusion that to be most happy means that you are free from all needs and sickness. You have all that you need and desire. And you will no longer be subject to death and sickness.

Secondly, you have to think of heaven in terms of relationship. On earth you have a family. You cannot think of heaven as a place where the love you have for your family is gone. You think of it as a place or state where you will be reunited with your family and where your love will ever grow.

Thirdly, you bring in the existence of spirits. Almost all religions think of heaven as a place where the beings we cannot see on earth will be seen by eyes. Heaven is a place or condition where you will have the company of these spirits.

Fourthly, you will have to bring in your concept of God or gods. Whether you believe in one God or plural gods, you will think of heaven as the abode or condition of God or gods. Here you will see the source or origin of all creation. For a Christian she will have to look up to Jesus the author and finisher of her faith and begin living in heaven while physically still on earth.

Fifthly, you bring in the most forgotten element of heaven: visible creation besides human beings--the plants, the animals, and inert matter. Here on earth we do not think much of them. We pull out a shrub and forget about it. We slap a mosquito and care not much about it. Animals will be there but they will no longer be harmful. Plants will be there but they will no longer be poisonous. And lots of silver, gold, iron will be there.

As you think about these ideas, you will be able to determine your vision of heaven. When we get there, we may be surprised that the place or state of heaven exceeds our wildest imagination or dreams while we were on earth.

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