A Few Spiritual Messages We Can Need

Do you want to enjoy your life to the full? Do you want to be happy beyond all your expectations?

There are some messages you need to learn in order to be happy beyond your wildest dreams. They are only a few, but they are spiritual messages. These messages have taken on a more relevant turn because of the signs of a spiritual awakening among us. More and more people have spiritually awakened. They want more from life than just the best of material things, like fine houses and the latest cars. They want more substantial things and they turn to the things which cannot be seen, but which they hunger for, the things of the spirit.

Here are those few spiritual messages we can need during these times of spiritual awakening.

Message 1. Everything that there is has come into existence by an Intelligence superior to any and all intelligences. We just call this the Intelligence. We do not call him the most intelligent being, since labeling him “most” can mean that he can be compared with other intelligences and he belongs to the superlative degree. There is just no way of comparing him with others. We do not even call him the most superior or supreme intelligence. These terms denote comparison and there is just no way of comparing him with others. He is totally unique, the Intelligence, from whom all came into being.

Just look at the arrangement of things around you and you see beauty, a plan, a symmetry, an orderliness that cannot just happen by chance. If you still want more of the wonders of creation you can peer into the microscope to see how even tiny particles of matter hide such great beauty and symmetry. Or you can glance through the telescope at the colossal wonders of the sky beyond.

There is no need to prove the existence of this Intelligence. It is most obvious. We can only acknowledge its existence, not prove it. The philosophers spent centuries to prove his existence when there was no need to prove it. It is like proving to you that what you are reading right now came from me. There is no need to prove this. You simply acknowledge that I wrote this, what you are reading right now.

Message 2. This Intelligence who brought everything into being cares about you and the minutest details of your life. He has even numbered each strand of your hair, according to the Christian scripture. In other words, he is a most loving Intelligence. Again words fail to describe him. He is Love itself. There is no need and there is no way of comparing his love with others. He loves to the uttermost degree we cannot even think of.

What is the meaning of this? It means that he wants us to be the best, to have the best, to experience the best stay on this planet earth and beyond.

Message 3. The third message is a consequence of the second. This Intelligence wants you to enjoy life to the fullest. He does not want you to be sad or sorrowful. He does not want you to experience pain or privation.

Despite all the poverty, the suffering, the chaos we see in the world all around us, the truth is that this Intelligence does not want these things for us. He wants us to experience freedom from poverty, victory over suffering, order out of chaos.

Message 4. This Intelligence is not just most powerful, but is all powerful. He is able to do what he wants to do, except contradict himself. Because he is powerful he is willing and most able to free you from all the sufferings and privations and persecutions you may be undergoing through right now. All he needs is only for you to contact him, to listen to him and to obey.

We hear all kinds of accidents all around us. This airplane crashed. That bus went headlong after losing its brake, plunging to death all its passengers. A storm is raging and flood ensues, drowning thousands of inhabitants. An earthquake strikes, toppling buildings burying their occupants alive. All these are happening around us but this is not the will of this Intelligence. They do happen because we do not listen to him. Most people are ignorant of this Intelligence. They put up a god of their own who cannot deliver them from these dangers.

Message 5. This Intelligence guides you the best way so you can enjoy life to the fullest. You need only listen and obey.

He has a way of delivering you from all the dangers surrounding you, if you allow him to do so. You need only to be careful to listen to him and obey.

How many times I have experienced this myself. One time while riding a van I heard a great explosion. I saw that the front windshield of the van was shattered. I expected blood to be splashed all around. I was most surprised that I did not see even just one drop of blood. A big stone had crashed into the front of the van from a delivery truck. But no passenger was hurt. The stone hit the head rest of the front seat. The Intelligence had spared us. The incident gave a lesson to delivery truck owners to cover their cargo with canvass so that nothing flies out of them.

Message 6. Our destiny is to enjoy the company of this Intelligence who will reveal to us everything that he knows, even his very own self. We are naturally curious. We want to know this, we want to know that. A time will come when we will know all the mystery of this universe. We will then know how many planets in the universe are like our own, why this universe seems to be expanding like a mat being spread out. Not only will we know completely what is happening all around us, we will know this Intelligence as we would know our spouse. He will reveal his own life and very self to us. What more can we desire?

Message 7. All of us are interconnected with one another, with all the elements, plants and animals, all thoughts and all ideas, organically so that the life of this Intelligence flows through and in all of us. Only rejection of this Intelligence makes our life miserable. All the evils, dangers, sufferings we see in this world and will ever see or experience come from the rejection of this Intelligence and his guidance.

All the uneasiness and spiritual turmoil we see around us, people taking in drugs of all sorts, crimes of greater magnitude being committed everyday, terrorism just lurking around the corner are all warnings for all of us to wake up spiritually, to listen to what this Intelligence tells us and to follow him.

It does not matter to what religion we belong, this Intelligence works in all religions, among all kinds of people. He is no respecter of tribes or nations. He does not speak only to Christians or only to Muslims or only to Hindus. He speaks even to those who are very far yet from civilization of any kind, who still only gather fruits and dig out root crops for food.

Reading these messages may give you the impression that life is simple. Indeed it is. It is only human beings who have made it complicated. Learn more about this Intelligence, know more of him, feel his love and care for you for he is able to take care of you in all your needs. When you cross the other side of life you will see his smiling welcome. Then you will conclude it was worth your while to know him and live with him while you were on planet earth.

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