Great Advice Regarding Spirituality

At a time when spiritual hunger activates people to search for something that is permanent we see the signs of spiritual awakening. This is spirituality at its best. People are indeed spiritually awakening, are waking up spiritually, are conscious of the whole new world of the spirit. Some of you are getting in touch with your spirituality, are getting in touch with your spirit. And you are looking for a great advice regarding spirituality. I hope to give you this advice in this article.

Everyone And Everything Is Getting Old

You and I are getting old. In a couple of years we will be so old that our body systems will fail to function and we have to leave our bodies to this planet earth.

In the face of this reality we ask, Is there something that remains permanent, that does not grow old? If we only look at the world with our physical eyes we will have to answer that there is none. There is nothing we see that remains permanent and does not grow old.

But then we also realize that we cannot see everything with our physical eyes. There are things beyond the vision of our physical eyes. The love that exists between two lovers cannot be seen by the eyes. The depth of sorrow a person feels at the loss of a beloved cannot be seen by our eyes. The joy a father feels at the birth of a son cannot be seen by the eyes.

Indeed there are many things that cannot be seen by our physical eyes and it is among these things that we can find something that endures, something that is permanent and does not grow old.

Things That Do Not Grow Old

We begin with mathematical concepts which we learned during our high school days. In our class in geometry we learned that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. This was true in the time of Euclid who wrote this proposition 300 years before Christ. It is still true today, more than 2,000 years from the time of Euclid, and will be true centuries from now, although according to the theory of gravitation there cannot be an actual straight line because the gravitational force will always bend that line.

That concept or idea of a straight line is something that is permanent and does not grow old.

The same holds true with the rules of logic which we learned in college. Those rules remain true, permanent and do not grow old.

We immediately notice that these things which are permanent and do not grow old are ideas. They are not objects our senses can see, but ideas only our mind can understand.

But then we ask: Where do these ideas come from? If such ideas are permanent and do not grow old, their origin or source logically also does not grow old, is permanent.

The Source of Things That Do Not Grow Old

And this is where my great advice regarding spirituality comes in. My advice to you is: Search for the source of these ideas that do not grow old, that are permanent. If you find this source you will also realize that there is something in you yourself that does not grow old, but is ever young, ever permanent.

This something in you that is ever young, ever permanent is not your body because you know it is getting old every day and every year. It is not your mind, because you know that your mind is changeable. What you love today you may hate tomorrow.

If the source of ideas that do not grow old, that are ever young, that are always permanent is not your body or your mind, it must be something else. There can only be one answer. It is the spirit.

You Can Always Be Young

The spirit never grows old, is always young, always permanent. And when you live your life according to this spirit there is a part of you that is forever young, forever permanent.

Search for this spirit, live with him, talk to him, get ideas from him. He holds an infinite number of ideas and will always go on creating worlds around you. By living in the spirit you will always stay young, ever young with the passing of time even unto eternity.

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