Jesus' Home Life — Now Revealed

Most Christians do not bother about Jesus’ home life, the so-called hidden years of Jesus in Nazareth. They think that what is important for them is his public life, the last 3 to 4 years of his life when he preached, taught, suffered and died. They do not realize that Jesus’ hidden life or home life is as important as his public life to us. Why is this?

Jesus’ Hidden Life Is As Important As His Public Life

This is because it is his home life that most of us Christians can imitate. Most of us do not go about preaching, teaching, healing the sick, fighting the religious authorities of our day, as Jesus did in the last 3 to 4 years of his life. Most of us stay at home at night and go to our work during the day. We work at our respective places in the business or agricultural world. Therefore we cannot imitate his public life unless we are a wandering evangelist. And most of us are not.

Since most of us labor in our work places, we need to look at how Jesus labored in his own work place so that we can imitate this life, our model life.

A Very Good Objection

The objection that is immediately put up is: But we know so little of his home life. How can we imitate it?

This objection is due to the fact that on superficial reading of the Bible we discover very few verses which deal with his home life or hidden life. But if we open wide our spiritual eyes we will see that there is more than enough description of this home life.

More Information About Jesus’ Home Life

First, we go to 2 verses which summarize Jesus’ life. They are found in the Letter to the Hebrews. It says in one verse that Jesus was made like us in all things and again in another verse it says that he understands our feelings, our weaknesses, our infirmities because he was tried in every respect but he did not sin. These verses describe a lot about Jesus. He was as human as we are.

As a child he played as all children play. We do not have to believe the apocryphal gospels about the games he played, like fashioning a clay into a live bird.

As a young man he sang, danced, drank wine, reveled during feast days. How do we know? Because he behaved like any normal young man behaved.

Some may ask: Was he sexually attracted to the opposite sex? Sure, he was, because he was a normal human being. But he had no thought of having a sinful relationship with a girl around his own age.

Some think this was not fitting for Jesus to experience, a sexual attraction to the opposite sex. But he could not be like us in all things if he did not experience this attraction. And the Word of God is clear: He was like unto us in all things, only he did not sin. And there is nothing sinful in sexual attraction. It is inbuilt in our human nature by God himself. It is a most natural feeling.

Secondly, from the Gospels we know how Jesus started his day. He started his day very early, rising up long before the dawning of the day, then he would go out to a lonely place and there prayed, that is, conversed with his heavenly Father.

We also know how he closed this day, again with prayer, conversing with his heavenly Father.

Thirdly, still from the Gospels we know what Jesus did during the day in his home. He worked as a carpenter: building and repairing houses, making and fixing furniture, fashioning farm implements. According to Justin the Martyr, plows and yokes made by Jesus were still in existence during his time, that is, around 120.

Fourthly, still from the Gospels, we know that every Sabbath day or Saturday Jesus went to the local synagogue (like our chapel) and he would read the Scriptures publicly.

Fifthly, if we are genuine Christians this home life of Jesus is being relived in us as we live from day to day. For the real life we live as Christians is his life. We merely continue the home life of Jesus in our own home life.

Jesus’ Home Life Revealed

Now we know how Jesus lived in Nazareth. He rose up very early in the morning to converse with his Father God. Like us he ate and drank, and he worked as a carpenter and before retiring at night he conversed again with his Father God. During Sabbath or Saturdays, instead of working, he went to the synagogue to read God’s Word publicly.

Finally, Jesus lives his home life again in us, making us imitate him in those hidden years of his life in our own hidden life. Now we know the home life of Jesus. It is also our home life lived in him.

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