Spirituality - How Meditation Can Make You Spiritual

If you want to wake up spiritually, paradoxically one of the first things you have to do is to slow down your life and take stock of the things and images around you.

When we physically wake up in the morning, we rise up and use our eyes to look around and see what is there around us. In the spiritual life that is also what happens. We rise up using our mind to look around us. That is basically what meditation is, a looking around us, using our mind, not just our eyes.

And meditation can make you spiritual during these times when there are signs of a spiritual awakening because of the uneasiness and spiritual hunger of very many who are dissatisfied with the fast pace of modern life. Indeed there is spiritual awakening happening around us and those who are spiritually awakened help the others who are just groping around to get their bearings in life.

Many Meanings of Meditation

To find out how meditation can make you spiritual, you need first to know more what meditation is. If you read books and articles about meditation you will notice that there are so many meanings of meditation—from thinking to no thinking at all. Again we shall know more about it by getting rid of meanings which have been applied to it but are not really descriptive of it. And we know what meditation really is only by going through it, by doing it, by experiencing it, not by talking or writing or reading about it.

What Meditation Is Not

Meditation is not introspection, a mental examination of one’s feelings, thoughts, condition, situation, sensations. This is nearly brooding. And brooding is not related to meditation, except that both are processes of the mind.

Meditation is not mere thinking, either, even deep thinking or planning. One can think deeply about a project proposal he intends to send to a funding agency but that is not meditation. Meditation is a relaxing experience, not a heavy burden on our mind.

The Levels of Meditation

There are many grades or levels of meditation. It starts with awareness of yourself in relation to others. Then it graduates to awareness of the world in relation to you. Finally, if you are a Christian, it ends with the awareness of God as your loving Father. If you are a Muslim, it may end with the awareness of God as Most Compassionate, Most Merciful to you and others. And if you are a Buddhist it may end with the awareness of ultimate freedom from rebirth and constant rebirth. Other religions also have their end point in meditation, all valid and relevant to their practitioners.

This is the kind of meditation that can make you spiritual, an ever growing awareness of yourself in relation to others, of the world in relation to you and of God in relation to all. And what do we mean by spiritual? Basically it means that you are a loving person. For our whole existence is summed up in love.

And how can meditation make you spiritual?

First, by slowing down the pace of your life. No matter what meaning you take of meditation, as long as it is not introspection and mere thinking but basically an awareness of relationships, to yourself, to others and to God, it takes time out of life to view and think of these relationships. Slowing your life means that you are able to think of others and help them.

Secondly, meditation connects you with the whole of creation and non-created reality. In this interconnectedness of all things you realize the oneness of all.

And thirdly, meditation makes you loving. Have you noticed the Buddhist monks? They are so compassionate, even toward animals. Compassion is the fruit of genuine meditation.

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