How to Properly Release the Negative Energy Built Up Inside You

There is a pollution that is worse than air, water or soil pollution. It is a pollution which creates world wars.

Air pollution contaminates the oxygen we breathe and eventually chokes us. Water pollution makes dirty the water we need to drink and so poisons our body. Soil pollution produces toxic wastes which eventually enters our physical system. But all these forms of pollution only touch our bodies and only indirectly touch our minds.

A Pollution Worse Than Air, Water and Soil Pollution

But a pollution worse than these forms of pollution directly affects our minds and turns them into an arsenal of negative energy which fuels discords, disagreements, conflicts and eventually wars.

This is the pollution of negative energy around us and inside us.

Writers who discuss energy pollution usually single out only noise, heat and light pollution. They do not realize that energy pollution extends beyond the noise, the heat and light around us.

Pollution of negative energy contaminates the heart of human beings with hate, resentment, anger, envy, jealousy, fear, doubt and a host of other negative emotions.

How Do You Properly Dispose of This Negative Energy?

The problem is how do you properly release this kind of energy built up inside you so that it does not contaminate you and others?

Today everywhere students are taught on proper waste disposal or management: segregate the waste, then re-use, re-cycle, and re-turn the rest safely to the earth. But they are not taught how to properly dispose of harmful energy that piles up within them: anger, hate, fear, etc.

In some houses when husband and wife fight they throw things around and away. Their throwing of things is a symbolic gesture of throwing the bad feelings they have towards each other. But this does not work well. Things are destroyed and after the fight, essential furniture has to be bought again or repaired.

Negative energy is like garbage. If you do not dispose of it properly it will pollute the atmosphere. This energy and negative emotions between a fighting husband and wife spread to their children, neighbors and in-laws. Negative energy between nations eventually becomes war.

So how do you properly release the negative energy built up inside you so that it does not pollute the atmosphere?

The First Step: Understand What Negative Energy Is

What you need to consider first if you want to properly release this negative energy is to understand that it is a negative energy. It is not a positive energy. Because it is negative, you cannot throw it away properly. It is an energy which is the lack of something. You cannot throw something that is not there. That is why it is called negative because it is a lack. There is something lacking in that energy.

Positive energy is the presence of something. That is why it is called positive. It posits something to be there. Its opposite is the absence of something. That is why it is called negative, it negates something which should be there.

Anger, resentment, hate, and such like emotions are forms of non-positive energy. They lack something. Anger lacks kindness, resentment lacks acceptance, hate lacks love.

Second Step: Put in Positive Emotions

After realizing that negative emotions or energy expresses a lack, you need to fill the lack with a positive emotion. Feed your anger with kindness, your resentment with acceptance, your hating somebody with love. If you can, say that Prayer of Giovanni Francesco di Bernardone which starts with the words “Lord, make me an instrument of your peace, where there is hatred, let me sow your love.”

Now you may object. That precisely is your problem, you cannot put positive energy into your negative emotions, you cannot put kindness into your angry heart, you cannot put love where you feel just hate, etc.

Third Step: Realize the Importance of Having Positive Instead of Negative Emotions

So the third step is to realize that in the long run the harmful energies and emotions are going to destroy your life, if you do not dispose of them properly. And the only way to dispose of them properly is by putting in positive emotions and energy in that part of your life which lack these.

Choose Wisely

In the final analysis, the choice is up to you. You can live positively or you can live negatively. You can live with fullness of joy, happiness, and love or you can choose to live with the lack of these making you morose, sad and hateful. Dispose of your negative emotions and energies properly by putting in the positive emotions and energies. With time and with the help of your God, whatever and whoever you conceive him to be, you will become a positive person, full of warmth, vigor and joy.

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