How To Use Your Spiritual Gifts To Glorify God

Spiritual gifts are what they are, they are gifts from the Spirit. Because they are gifts, freely given, they can be withdrawn by the giver, the Spirit. They are temporary, for use only while we are on this planet earth. If you want to use them for quite some time to benefit others and you, use them to glorify God. How do you do this, how do you use them to glorify God?

Ways to Use Your Gifts to Glorify God

First, do not charge others for the use of your gift. If you have the gift of healing, do not charge even 1 cent for being used to heal people. You can charge for the incidental expenses, like for the transportation to the place of your patient, but do not charge for the healing itself. Freely you have received, freely give also.

Secondly, never use them to harm other people. Use them only to benefit other people. An example may illustrate this. You have the gift of interpreting languages. But you may be called sometime to interpret a language for someone whom you do not like, maybe one who has avoided you for so long. Do not give a wrong interpretation because you do not like the person who would use that interpretation.

Thirdly, make yourself available to people who may need your gift. Do not leave your house when you know people are coming to your house to make use of your gift, whether it is healing or giving a beneficial advice to them.

Fourthly, develop your gift. If you have the gift of healing, study human anatomy. This will help you explain to your sick patients what is happening to their bodies. If you have the gift of speaking in a foreign language, study the grammar of that language. If you have the gift of generosity, build a business that can benefit others, so that they do not have to ask money from you. They can earn money by themselves. In this way you are multiplying the value of the gift given you.

Fifthly, if you find it inconvenient to use this gift, return it to the giver. There may come a time when because of danger or because of your profession you may be extremely inconvenienced if you exercise your gift. If this happens, there is no harm in returning the gift to the Spirit who gave it to you. Let me cite an actual example.

A person had the gift of healing. But he noticed that there were times when he would be called in the dead of night to heal somebody a few kilometers away. Going to the sick person would make him leave his family which might face dangers from robbers. He realized that this was no longer good for his family or for other people. He returned his gift of healing. Today he no longer exercises this gift.

These are some of the ways you can do to use your spiritual gifts to glorify God. As you get in touch with your spirituality, you will discover your spiritual gifts and you will help in the spiritual awakening happening all around us. You will be giving glory to God.

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