Simplified Spirituality in the Workplace

Spirituality in the workplace has been a topic that is more and more talked about. It has now become a trend. The reason for this is the change in the situation of work we are in. Many no longer find security in their work. They can be replaced by machines. Many are also finding work as merely mechanical, posing no challenge to them. They get bored with their work.

Advantages of Infusing Spirituality into Your Work

When you put spirituality to function in your work you will find out that your work assumes a new meaning. It is no longer boring, no matter how repetitive it is. If you really hate your work spirituality will raise your vision to another work where you can find joy and fulfillment.

Secondly, you will realize that your work has a lasting value, even extending to eternity. In a sense you will be sending your work ahead of you so that you can build not only a better tomorrow but a more enjoyable eternity.

Thirdly, with spirituality in your work you will radiate happiness around you, your boss and your co-workers.

Infusing Simplified Spirituality into Your Work

I once went to a printing company to have a book printed that I was editing. At exactly 9 in the morning all work ceased and there was a reading of the Bible broadcasted by public address. All employees of that printing company paused from their work to listen to the sharing about the biblical passage read.

I learned later that this was a daily practice in that company. It was its way of infusing spirituality into its employees.

There are other ways of infusing spirituality in the workplace. Here is my suggestion.

First, realize that your work has an invisible dimension. You are using energy in your work, either mental or physical energy and energy is invisible. You only see its effects.

Secondly, acknowledge that this energy has its source in Infinite Energy who is also called Spirit or God or Allah by people depending on their religious affiliation.

Thirdly, you thank Infinite Energy for enabling you to share in his energy.

Fourthly, consider your work as a channeling of that infinite energy flowing in and through you.

Finally, talk with this Infinite Energy as often as you can. Ask him to be a better, more creative worker, more harmonious with others around you, whether human beings, animals, plants or what people call inanimate things like nails or hammers.

These steps are very simple but when you perform them consistently every day, you will find that you will have less stress in your work and you will enjoy it better. And if this work is not what the Spirit intended you to do on this planet Earth, he will guide you to the work destined for you so that your work becomes a means of happiness and joy in your life.

That is what is meant by simplified spirituality in the workplace.

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