How to Open Your Sixth Sense

It was necessity which forced me to use my sixth sense before I even understood what this sixth sense was. As with our five ordinary senses we use them first before ever understanding what they are.

Deceptive Teachers Made Me Stumble into My Sixth Sense

In college I had teachers who would mislead us by telling us to study certain topics for the examination when they intended to give us other topics for that examination. For example, one teacher told us that our examination would be about verbs. When we got the examination questions they were all about nouns, nothing about verbs.

I was desperate in passing my examinations because my scholarship depended on getting high grades in my subjects. But if I trusted the word of those teachers who misled us in announcing the topics for the examinations I would get zero because I would study something which would not come out in the actual examination.

So I had to find ways to know, really know what would be the actual examination questions. The ordinary way to do this was to go to the room of those teachers and look at the questions they wrote for the examination. But to do this I would be accused of trespassing and also cheating if I got the actual questions.

What I did was to condition my mind. I would visualize what the teachers thought, then I would visualize the questions that he wrote for the examination. At first it did not work so well. But with constant practice I got to know the questions before the day of the examination. So I tried to study the answers to those questions. Sure enough when the examination papers were corrected I got the highest scores.

This was a case of using my sixth sense before I even understood what it was. My sixth sense revealed to me what my physical eyes could not see, the actual questions hid by the teachers in their rooms.

All of Us Have a Sixth Sense

If a normal person has five senses, she also has the sixth sense. She may not use it often or as often as she needs it but it is there. It is part of the creation of the Spirit in us.

As the dictionary defines it the sixth sense is "A power of perception seemingly independent of the five senses; keen intuition." Some call it ESP or Extra Sensory Perception.

So the question I want to answer is: How to open your sixth sense?

Why Open Your Sixth Sense?

But first we ask, Why do we open it? The answer is because for most people their sixth sense is, as it were, closed. It is like the closed eyes which cannot see, cannot be used as long as these are closed. So just as we have to open our eyes to use them, we have to open our sixth sense to use it.

The Steps to Open Your Sixth Sense

The first step you need to do is to be more aware of your five ordinary senses: the senses of sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell. The reason for this is that the sixth sense uses these five senses. Intuition is partly a result of the combination of these senses. Let me illustrate by a simple example.

You are working on your computer. Then your sense of smell tells you there is a strange odor. The next thing that comes to your mind is that you are in danger. So you get out of your table and leave the room. You escaped danger because a fire was nearby. You helped put out the fire.

The odor of smoke was perceived by your sense of smell. But the danger was perceived by your sixth sense. Another person who does not believe in the sixth sense may not get this message of danger and so she continues working on the table until the fire engulfs her.

That is why it pays to be attentive to your five senses. This is the first step if you want to open your sixth sense and use it.

The second step is to realize that not everything can be known by your five senses. For example, you cannot see microbes with your bare eyes. You need a microscope for this. You cannot see some stars with your bare eyes. You need a telescope. In other words your five senses need instruments to be more useful.

So also your sixth sense needs some instruments to be useful. These instruments are periods of rest and quiet. If you are always in a hurry you will not be able to listen to the silent prodding of your sixth sense.

The third step is to realize that you are surrounded and immersed in a world of unseen reality. Some call this subtle dimension or subtle energy. Others call it spirit. Some spell spirit with a capital S. Whatever you call it you just have to take this as one of the givens in life. Just as we are surrounded by air on the face of this planet earth, so our being (body, soul, and spirit) is surrounded by an unseen reality.

This unseen reality knows who we are, where we are going, the dangers we may encounter, the defeats we shall go through in life and the successes we will attain.

The reason why we have to acknowledge the reality of this unseen reality is because it is this unseen reality which acts on our sixth sense, telling us what to do, warning us of dangers, informing us of opportunities.

The fourth step is just to follow your sixth sense. Some call this the guidance of the Holy Spirit. This sixth sense acts like the daemon of Socrates who forbade him to do some things. The more you follow your sixth sense the more it will make itself useful to you.

Use Your Sixth Sense

So now I can explain how I was able to get the questions that my teachers hid in their rooms. The unseen reality who surrounds all of us knew those questions even ahead of the teachers who formed them in their mind. Since I had access to this unseen reality this unseen reality gave those questions to my sixth sense and my sixth sense brought them to my mind. My mind studied those questions and that was how I got those high grades. People do not believe me when I tell them I got those high grades by a trick. It was indeed a trick, using the sixth sense.

You also have a sixth sense. Open it and use it. You will be warned of dangers ahead, informed of business opportunities waiting for you and your life will be more enriched with the use of this sixth sense.

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  1. nice one dude. but pliz can u exactly tell me how to open the sixth sense with the steps. i will folow all the steps

  2. Thanks for your question, prerak12. I think what you need is an elaboration of the steps because I have outlined them already above. Again in summary the steps are: 1. Be more aware of your 5 ordinary senses, the sense of sight, the sense of touch, the sense of smell, of hearing, and taste. 2. Realize, be convinced that not everything can be known by these 5 senses. 3. Realize, be convinced that you are surrounded by an unseen reality who acts on your sixth sense. 4. Follow and use your sixth sense.

    Maybe you are still in step number 1. So continue being aware of the things around you through your ordinary 5 senses. Listen to the sounds all around you. Some are faints sounds, others are loud sounds. Look at the view all around you. Look at the page of a book and notice its edges, its letters, its drawings, etc. Take a flower, smell its blossom or smell the food you eat. Touch different parts of your body or the furniture in your room. Think of the taste of the food you eat, is it salty, spicy, sweet, or what. Do this for some time. When you think you are tired or have enough of this already, it is time to go to the second step. Tell me, please, when sharpening the perception of your 5 senses is making you tired and perhaps sleepy. I will lead you to the next step: the realization that not everything can be known by your 5 senses.

    Till then, keep on making your 5 senses consciously active.