How to Be Spiritually Healthy Always

You may think that spirits do not get sick. They do. It is not only our bodies and minds that get sick. Our spirits also get sick.

We have hospitals for our sick bodies and mental health facilities for our sick minds, but we do not see hospitals or clinics for our sick spirits.

Where Do Sick Spirits Go for a Cure?

Some may immediately say, We have churches for our sick spirits. Maybe churches do care for our spirits. Do we mean to say that those who enter churches and are ministered to by these are spiritually sick, like those who enter hospitals and are cared for by our hospitals are physically sick?

If that is the case then how pitiful are those persons who frequent the churches. They are the ones who are spiritually sick.

Then someone may retort: Actually all are spiritually sick, even those who do not frequent the churches. But it is only these who go to the churches who are aware that they are sick. The ones who do not go near the churches are not aware that they too are spiritually sick.

So, if all of us, church goers and non-church goers are spiritually sick, how do we get healthy? How do we get spiritually healthy?

Three Major Diseases of the Spirit

First of all let us understand the three major diseases of the spirit. These are doubt or disbelief, despair, and fear. If churches are institutions of spiritual health they are supposed to cure us of these deadly spiritual diseases: doubt or disbelief, despair, and fear.

How do we stay healthy so that these diseases do not invade our spirits? The answer is rather simple but it needs some kind of lengthy explanation.

How To Be Spiritually Healthy

The answer is that we stay spiritually healthy by connecting ourselves constantly or always with the ultimate source of all kinds of health, physical, mental or spiritual. This ultimate source who is the Spirit of all health is always healthy. In him there is no sickness and he is the one who communicates health to all of us.

If has been established already by the science of medicine that what keeps the body healthy is the body itself. The Spirit has created our body in such a way that it produces all the substances necessary to preserve our health. The medicines that we take are only helps to our body so that it can properly produce these substances. Our body has the most reliable immune system. When this immune system breaks down as in AIDS or acquired immunodeficiency syndrome then the body's health also breaks down.

So also, as the Spirit communicates health to our body by equipping it with an immune system, he communicates health to our spirit by supplying it with the medicine for the deadly spiritual diseases of doubt or disbelief, despair, and fear. If we are always in communication with this Spirit he will give us the medicines for these diseases.

For doubt or disbelief the Spirit gives us the medicine of faith or belief. Some think that you can produce this medicine by self-affirmation. It is not done so. It is the Spirit himself who gives us faith or belief or trust in him.

For despair, the Spirit gives us hope. He urges us to expect better times, times of delivery from all our problems.

And for fear, the Spirit gives us love. He convinces us that to love is better than not to have loved at all, that at the end all love is repaid.

So, how do we keep ourselves spiritually healthy? By keeping close to the Spirit who gives us the medicines of faith, hope and love against the deadly spiritual diseases of doubt, despair and fear.

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