The Benefits of Spiritual Obedience

The first main benefit of spiritual obedience is that it leads us to know the purpose of our life.

Most People Do Not Really Know the Purpose of Their Life

Most people go on living without ever knowing what the purpose of their life is. This is most evident among students who when they are asked what the purpose of their life is, most of them give this answer: “To finish my studies.” Or they would give a very general answer like “to be happy”, “to enjoy life”, etc.

If people only follow the Spirit who ultimately brought them into existence, they would be led to know the purpose of their being brought to planet earth. This is spiritual obedience, following the lead of the Spirit who made all things and governs the affairs of individual human beings and nations.

We are like artifacts in the hands of the Great Artificer. Only this Creator knows why he created each of us. And only He also knows where to put us in the grand design of this universe. If we do not know this Great Creator and do not obey His leading we cannot know the beautiful plan He has laid out for our life.

Abraham Lincoln at first did not realize that his great purpose in life was to abolish slavery in America and preserve the Union of the States. According to records he had only 18 months of formal schooling and yet he attuned himself to the Great Spirit who gradually revealed this great purpose of his life to him. He never formally joined any church but he kept listening to this Spirit and obeyed Him in all he did, except during the last three days of his life.

We Are Led to Attain Our Purpose in Life

The second main benefit of spiritual obedience is that we will be led to attain this purpose in life. Knowing life’s purpose is solving only part of the problem we all face in life. Granted that we know it, we do not by that very fact attain it. Most of us do not know how to attain it. We do not have the proper knowledge, attitude and skills to be able to attain it. But when we obey the Spirit He enables us to attain it, even against all odds.

Again in the life of this great President we see how the Spirit enabled him to attain that purpose even through many political defeats. He was defeated in the first election he entered, he lost also in his first try for the House of Representatives, and he lost twice in the senatorial race. But all these were part of the Spirit’s equipping him for the great work of his life’s purpose.

Safety from Dangers

And the third main benefit of spiritual obedience is that we will be saved from dangers in life. The Spirit knows ahead of time the dangers we will pass through in life and He knows how to warn us about these dangers and to rescue us from them. Again in the case of Abraham Lincoln it is on record that he was warned about his death three days before it happened. He had a dream about this death, a dream which he said, “strangely annoyed” him and he was warned by his personal guard Ward Hill Lamon not to go out at night, particularly to the theater. But he disregarded this dream. Had he followed the warning of this dream he would not have been assassinated. But by this assassination he was spared the pains of old age and a decrepit life. He peacefully died after 9 hours of coma after he was shot by the assassin.

Those are the main benefits. There are other subsidiary benefits, those that come from these three main ones. Some of these are harmony in the home, financial security, interest in one’s work, freedom from depression, etc.

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