Are You Ready For a Spiritual Awakening?

Yes, are you ready for a spiritual awakening? Are you in a position to take advantage of the great spiritual awakening that is occurring in our very own time?

How would you know if you are ready for this spiritual awakening?

Here are the dispositions or attitudes you should have in order to know if you are ready for this great spiritual awakening that is happening before our very eyes.

Dissatisfaction with the Status Quo

The first indication that you are ready for this spiritual awakening is a dissatisfaction with your present state of life. You may be rich or you may be poor. You may be healthy or sick. You may be normal or disabled or are a special person. You may be academically advanced or illiterate. But if you are deeply dissatisfied with the way things are in your life, then this is a sign that you are ready for a change, a change provided by this spiritual awakening.

Many Attempts But No Success So Far

The second indication is that you have tried many other things to get rid of this dissatisfaction with your present situation in life and you have not found one which has given you the success that you expect, one that surely satisfies and lasts.

You might have tried religion. You have gone to churches, Bible seminars, religious fellowships. But you are still left with this hunger for better things in life.

You might have tried alcohol and perhaps drugs. These have given you temporary relief. But afterwards the gnawing feeling of lack of joy and fulfillment in life returned and you are pushed to more alcohol and more drugs or worse than these.

You might have tried sex with different partners, hoping to enjoy the ultimate sexual thrill, only to be disillusioned and perhaps sick with deadly venereal diseases.

You might have tried basically good living, disciplining yourself to live a decent life, doing good to your self and others, without the help of religion. But to no avail, you are still left with this haunting fear that this kind of life has made you miss many of the enjoyable things in life, like a healthy body and the comfort of a family.

You Have Not Lost Hope for Better Days

And the third sign that you are now ready for this great spiritual awakening is you are still hopeful that there is a better way to live other than the ones you have discovered so far. You have not despaired. You know deep within you that there is a way of escape from the meaninglessness of life.

If these three attitudes are yours, you are ready for this great spiritual awakening.

You may ask me, Does a person have to go through all those miserable experiences of looking for meaning in life, like drugs and irresponsible sex, in order to be ready for the spiritual awakening?

Not necessarily. But most will have to go through one or other of these experiences in order to realize their futility. I myself had to go through the empty rituals of religion to discover that the way out of meaninglessness was not here, in these rituals.

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