Spirituality Definition

Spirituality definition are two words which are searched by very many on the internet. This just shows us that more and more people are interested in the meaning of spirituality. This post would like to put forward a newdefinition of spirituality. Hopefully with the understanding of this new definition we will be able to harness to fuller use the spiritual powers which all human beings possess but which most of us are completely ignorant of.

Shifts in the Spirituality Definition
There have been shifts in the definition of spirituality. A good description of these shifts can be read in the Wikipedia article on "Spirituality". As related in that article it has shifted from its classical meaning, to the traditional, then to the modern. Its classical meaning is to be driven by the Holy Spirit. Its traditional meaning consists of the different ways of approaching God, as in Ignatian spirituality. And the modern meaning of spirituality is the path by which a person journeys from meaninglessness into the values which make life meaningful or more meaningful.
Newer Spirituality Definition
In all the definitions and descriptions of spirituality there are three basic elements which have been overlooked. I have discovered these basic elements by pondering on the passage of Scriptures in Hebrews 11:3. My own paraphrase of the second part of this verse is: "what is seen is made out of things that are not seen". To get to the root of these three basic elements let us go back to the etymology of the word "spirit" in Greek.
The Greek word that has been translated into spirit is pneuma from where we have the English word pneumatic. Basically pneuma means wind. It is from this pneuma that eventually spirituality got its meaning.
Wind has three basic characteristics: 1) It is invisible; 2) it is moving; 3) it moves objects. It is from these characteristics that I propose a new spirituality definition.
Spirituality is involved with the invisible reality in our life, whatever that invisible reality is. It may be the smallest particle of matter, the ideas in our head, the electromagnetic waves that surround us, the ether in which we swim, the spirits of the dead, the angels and heavenly forces, God or the Absolute Reality.
Secondly, spirituality like the wind is moving. It moves itself from one place to another. In other words it is dynamic. It has power.
Thirdly, it moves us from where we are to where we would want to be. It is like the wind which blows on the sail of the ship moving it to the desired destination. In so doing it creates storms and havoc in our life but the end of it is that we are cleaned, renewed and given new life.
Spirituality therefore is related to that invisible creative force in us which drives us to create things and moves us and those around us to our true destiny. It is in each of us. Most of us are not aware of it because it is invisible but it is there. It enables us to do the one and thousand things we do in life. It enables us to make things appear where they did not appear before, whether this is a building, a book, a relationship, a measure of material abundance, etc.
Spirituality definition has to take into consideration this dynamic creative force in us driving us individually and as inhabitants of this planet Earth to our destination, the future glorified state we all will enjoy.
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