Tips for Reading Scriptures for Inspiration

Here are my tips for reading Scriptures for inspiration. We can indeed read the Scriptures in such a way that our minds and emotions are stimulated to a more intense feeling or activity, that is, we are more inspired to do the things we are doing. These tips are not many in the hope that you will easily remember them. Following these tips I expect that you will no longer or will seldom experience depression and you will have alacrity in anything that you undertake.

The Experience of Being Inspired

If we are normal and have reached the age of puberty there comes a time in our life when a person of the opposite sex inspires us in our work. This person is always in the background of our thoughts and feelings inspiring us to do our work better and faster. Some call this the extension of falling in love. It is normal and it is the experience of a budding love affair.

What this experience tells us is that love inspires us to do better or to accomplish greater things. It is love that brings inspiration to our life. It is also love which enables us to find inspiration in the Scriptures.

Tip 1. Consider the Scriptures as God's Love Letter to You

This tip is not original with me. I heard it from Eliseo Soriano, the Presiding Minister of the Members of the Church of God International in one of his radio broadcasts. He was asked one time how he was able to memorize the whole Bible. The following was his answer, as I heard it then.

He said that when he was studying high school he would put under his pillow the love letters he received from his girl friend. Before sleeping he would read these love letters. After some time he memorized them. Then he reasoned: 'If I memorized the letters from my girl friend, why don't I memorize the love letters from God himself, the Bible?' Thus began his adventure of memorizing the whole Bible.

The Bible indeed contains God's love letters to us. Like any other love letter it tells us who is this who is courting our love, how he loves us to the extent of suffering and dying for us, and how happy we would we in our life with him. When we consider the Bible in this way it becomes the chief source of inspiration for our life and work. We go about living with a flame of love in our heart for the greatest suitor in the world, and we do all our activities for love of him.

Tip 2. Read the Bible in a Conversational Manner

Since the Bible contains love letters addressed to us personally, we reply to these letters as we read them. We can do this mentally only or we can also write down our reply in a journal. I do both. When we do this we notice that our subconscious will be trained to hold this conversation even when we are not reading the Bible. We will carry on this conversation as we do our daily activities. This is what is meant by walking with God. He becomes our constant companion, conversing with him always. And as a companion he never misses to inspire us although he also allows us to suffer for him and others. Thus you will really be reading Scriptures for inspiration.

Tip 3. Read the Song of Songs Again and Again

This is the book in the Bible which explicitly talks about human love. The mystics have always considered this book as a picture of God's love for us and our love for him. A characteristic that is unique to this book is that as we grow in the spiritual life this book becomes dearer and dearer to us. You may not understand the images used there. Do not try to understand them. Just feel the passions alluded to by the words and phrases there.

As you follow these 3 tips the whole Bible takes on a different color. What to others is simply great literature or a code of conduct or an arsenal of verses for defending one's own church doctrines becomes for you the most beloved book of your life, the one which gives you hope that at the end of time you will see yourself wedded to the most beautiful, most handsome, the wisest, the best and most powerful being of all, God himself. This is described in the last book of the Bible, the Revelation.

Those are my three tips to reading the Scriptures for inspiration. Follow these and you will never want to be without a Bible both in your heart and in your pocket, as I also do.

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