How to Find Strength to Believe in Your Abilities Again

You may be one of many people who as they grow think that they lose some of the abilities they had in their younger days. And now you think you need to find the strength to believe in your abilities again. Actually you are experiencing the desire to wake up spiritually. Once you awaken spiritually this strength will come back to you.

The phenomenon of people sensing that they have lost some of their abilities as they grow older is common. Students in college wonder why they seem unable to get good grades when they had high grades in their elementary years. Adult singers ask why they seem to have lost that golden voice when they were still children. Even seasoned business people ask why they seem unable to prosper in their commercial ventures when they were so successful at the start of those ventures.

All of them think that they have lost their capacity to excel or succeed and they ask: How can I find strength to believe in my abilities again? They presume that if they can only believe in their abilities again, then they will once more succeed in their undertakings, whether these are academic, artistic or financial.

If you have experience this yourself, here are the steps you can do to find the strength to believe in your abilities again.

You Were Born a Champion

The first thing you have to realize is that you were born a champion. Out of the 200 to 500 million sperm cells that your father released into your mother's womb you were the one who came out victorious. You were the best. You were the fastest and you had the greatest strength among your fellow sperms to penetrate the ovum or egg cell of your mother. You had such a wonderful ability then. You are still wonderful in many more ways.

Most of us tend to forget of what stuff we were made of. We were made of the best stuff in the world. We were selected from the best of our kind. We had the best combination of genes, the best pairs of chromosomes to be born into this world.

You were made of the best stuff and the best is still in you. Do not ever forget this.

You Are Destined to Be the Best

Every year we have contests of all sorts: Miss Universe, Miss World, Best Actor, Best Story, Best Software, etc. In the Philippines we have a yearly contest for the Best Teacher.

These contests tell us that only one wins. And most of us think that we can never win in these contests. We do not have such a beautiful body to enter a beauty contest, we do not have acting ability to join the search for the best actor or actress, we do not have any ability to boast of. So we think.

But the truth is that you are the best of your kind. There is no other than yourself. You are most uniquely made, if we can still qualify the word "unique" with the superlative "most". Some grammarians think that is bad English but we can make an exception here, just to impress upon you the truth that you are the only one of a kind. Your fingerprints are unique to you, the thoughts in your head are unique to you.

Because you are the only one of your kind, you are the best. No one can equal you. Your abilities are all your own. They are unique to you.

And because your abilities are unique to you you can believe in them. After all it is your abilities. When you wake up spiritually you will discover again these abilities.

Your Abilities Are Always Developing

As we grow our abilities are also growing with us. In reality there is no limit to the development of our abilities. We see this on the general plane of mankind. There is no limit to what human beings can do. There is a known reason for this which will take time and space for us to dwell upon here. Suffice it to say now that just as human beings in general continue to develop in the path of evolution, whether physical, mental or spiritual, so also in individual human persons this development is unlimited.

You may say that your development as a human person ends with your death. History proves that this is not so. Socrates still lives in classrooms where his method of questioning is used. Aristotle still lives in the classification of plants and animals and in the logic classes taught in our schools. Our great, great grandfathers still live in us.

Atrophied Abilities Are Always Compensated

In our subjects physics and chemistry we learned about the law of the conservation of mass and energy, namely, that mass and energy cannot be created nor destroyed. In a similar way your abilities cannot be created nor destroyed. You were born with them and you will never lose them. But over time if you do not use them they become atrophied. They lose their functionality. They become submerged even in your consciousness so much that you think you do not have them. But the reality is that they are still there. How do you know? Because anything that exists exists forever, just like matter and energy. In fact your abilities are just forms of matter and energy. Therefore they follow the law of the conservation of mass and energy.

But even if your abilities are atrophied, even if you no longer exercise them, they are always compensated by other abilities. The most famous example of this is perhaps Helen Keller. At the age of 19 months she "lost" her ability to hear and see, she became deaf and dumb. But this was compensated wonderfully by her ability to speak (although she could not hear) and write (although she did not see what she wrote).

May I share with you an experience which may help to convince you that your abilities are never "lost" but they are just there waiting to be used or to be compensated. As you can glean from my writings I am just an ordinary fellow. But when I was a child of 5 years old I could read and memorize whole books. As I grew I "lost" this ability. But it was compensated by writing. That ability to read and memorize whole books is still inside me but it has been transformed into writing well.

Find Strength to Believe in Your Abilities Again

To once again find the strength to believe in your abilities, realize that you are a born champion, that you are destined to be the best, that your abilities are always developing, that your atrophied abilities are always compensated.

And finally think about these things often, especially before you sleep, whether you sleep during the day or at night. When you do this you will wake up spiritually and gain the spiritual strength to move on with life towards more and more success.

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