How to Fill the Void You Feel Within

You have come to a point in your life when you feel that deep inside you there is something lacking that should be there. You feel there is a void within you that needs to be filled with something you do not have any idea about. So what do you do?

Many Paths, Same Destination

You are not alone. Millions of people around the world feel the way you do. All of you have come to a point where you think there is something lacking in your life and you cannot define it. But you come to this point from different backgrounds and through different paths.

Some of you may be successful professionals: doctors, nurses, lawyers, government officials, etc. Others may be failures in their line of work. Some of you may be respected in your society: clergymen and bible women, evangelists, actors, actresses, role models in one way or another. Others may be just plain farmers or housewives.

Some get this feeling after succeeding in their chosen careers. Despite their success they feel empty deep inside. Others fall into this depressing state while trying to succeed and failing in their attempt.

Many Pastimes, Many Advices, None of Any Avail

Some of you might have tried to fill this void with drugs, with alcohol, with sexual excesses and chain smoking. But the void has not gone away. Others might have tried clubbing and pubbing, getting to know more people in a socializing atmosphere and drinking to your heart's content with your friends. But the void keeps on tugging at your heart.

If you have contacted some religious people they might have advised you to pray, to practice meditation, to put God into your heart, because they say there is a God-shaped vacuum in your heart which only God can fill in. A Christian might have told you to accept Jesus as your Savior and Lord. A Muslim might have told you to read the Qur'an and follow the will of Allah. A Buddhist might have advised you to look deeper into your self and see what is lacking there and contemplate nothingness. But all these advices have left you empty deep inside yourself.

You might have gone to a psychiatrist, and she has prescribed some medicines for you to take and mind exercises for you to undergo after patiently listening to your stories and complaints. But still the emptiness is there in your heart.

So what can you do to fill this void you feel within?

The Cause of this Void

Most do not realize what the cause of this void or feeling of emptiness is. And because they do not know the cause, they do not know the cure or answer to this problem. They indiscriminately fill this void with things which really do not satisfy.

The cause of this void is in our being, the way we are. We are beings who experience and long for, the infinite.

While everyday we experience finiteness or limitations, we also experience the infinite. Given any number, we can always add another number, even if the length of that number has gone around the earth many times. Given any information we always long for more information. We are always on the lookout for something new. And there is no end to this. This is the indication that we long for something beyond ourselves, something infinitely greater than ourselves.

Because we experience and long for the infinite we are always searching for this and unless this longing for the infinite is satisfied we can never fill that void in our heart. That void needs to be filled with something infinite. It cannot be filled with money, things, sexual enjoyment, gadgets, think what you may.

Fill the Void with the Infinite

If you want to escape this feeling of emptiness deep within you, then fill your life with the Infinite. Notice that I did not say God, because again for most people their God is someone who is just greater than themselves in some ways. In fact for many people God is a concept only. They have not experienced him.

You ask then, How can I fill my life with the Infinite?

The Infinite is in you and around you. You can experience him or her now. If you have gone to a field consider the infinite variety of plants and other organisms there. Within you there is an infinite power which drives you to move on and on. If you are in your office consider the infinite data pouring in and passing through your office, through your computers and mobile phones.

Acknowledge the presence of this Infinite and surrender yourself to him or her. Is doesn't matter what gender you put the Infinite under, masculine, feminine or in-between. In a sense he is genderless, in another sense he is gender-full.

Why do you need to surrender to this Infinite? Because he or she loves you with an infinite love. He/she wants you to live with you forever. He fills you with all the things you need in life. And until you surrender to his/her love you will never be satisfied in life.

If you are a Christian, you believe that this Infinite has manifested himself completely in Jesus. If you are a Muslim you believe that Allah is your infinite destination. If you are a Buddhist you know that Enlightenment about this Infinite is your goal in life.

The void you feel within can only be filled by the Infinite who is inside you, around you, over you, under you, and you fill this void with the Infinite by surrendering your life to him, accepting his total unconditional love of you.

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  1. I just have to say..... There is only ONE that can fill your void and its NOT Allah or Buddha, But is the ONE TRUE and LIVING GOD. In His Word its say No one can come to the Father but thought ME (Christ Jesus)...

  2. Thanks for your comment, A Girl after God's Own Heart. Indeed for those who know Jesus they recognize that only he is the fullness of God in human form.

    May you continue to be patterned after God's own heart! It is the greatest adventure in life, to keep on being patterned after his heart. As you proceed in this journey you will notice that you will become more and more beautiful in spirit as well as in body.

  3. Dont we need to define the will be the same as Jesus, Buddha, and Allah

  4. I am not able to understand the meaning of Surrender here ? I mean what we are expected to surrender ? how do you surrender ? is it the something that you accept whatever (which might be beyond your control) comes in your way after your true efforts ?

  5. This was very uplifting and thank you for sharing. Too many times, we get caught up on specific elements of spirituality that we miss the mark and end up judging and condemning others for not having the same exact belief as the other. At the end of the day, we're all trying to achieve the same thing. Many of us just don't know it.