The Purpose of Going on a Spiritual Journey

Spirituality is not simply a topic to be discussed by those who want to know more about spiritual things. There is a practical purpose for discussing things related to spirituality.

And so also there is a practical purpose in going on a spiritual journey. What that purpose is will be made clear in this article.

Purpose Is Different from Destination

There is a physical journey, a journey to a physical destination, a place. And there is always a purpose in such a journey. The place is not the purpose. It is only a destination. Usually, one or a combination of these is the purpose of a physical journey: a business or work related transaction, a vacation, a bonding of a relationship.

A scientist wants to go to the south pole to record the temperature there. His purpose in going there is not the south pole but the recording of the temperature.

A tired worker wants to go to Australia to enjoy a vacation there. His purpose is not Australia, but the vacation, rest and excitement Australia can offer to him.

The same is true in a mental journey, going into the ideas of men and women who lived a long time ago or in other areas of the world. The purpose is not just to know these ideas. The purpose is to see how these ideas may be of help to the one reading these ideas. We read about the Greek tragedies in order to learn how tragedies are worked out in one’s life with the purpose of avoiding them.

In a spiritual journey our destination is the world of spirits and ultimately God Himself, but He is not the purpose of such a journey. He is only the destination, not the purpose of the journey. We want to go there because He has something to offer us which we cannot acquire by a physical or mental journey.

The Purpose of Our Spiritual Journey

The purpose of a spiritual journey may be curiosity, trying to know what lies in the realm of the spirits. But more than curiosity the person undergoing a spiritual journey wants to enjoy life to the fullest possible that he can attain.

One may say that the purpose of a spiritual journey is to enjoy God. But what is in God that we can enjoy?

Paradoxically, the one which we are searching when we go on a spiritual journey is our true self, the self which we have in God. Let me explain.

If you observe carefully, in any journey our purpose is something that is related to our self. The scientist goes on a journey to the south pole because of his desire to record the temperature there. He wants to satisfy his desire to measure such temperature and report it to the world. He wants his self to be recognized as the one who shall have measured and recorded such a temperature.

The tired worker wants to go on vacation in order to relax his self, find satisfaction in rest and excitement.

The reader goes into the ideas of other people because he or she wants to use these ideas for his or her self.

The self is always the reference of our purpose in a journey. The self is always the one who will benefit from a journey.

The same is true in a spiritual journey. We are looking for our true self. And this true self can only be found in the world of spirits, in God.

That is why we read that one time Jesus appeared to Teresa Sánchez de Cepeda y Ahumada and said to her, Seek your self in me.

We Are Searching for Our True Self in God

When we undertake a spiritual journey it is for the purpose of finding our true self, our real self. The self is always the focus of spirituality. We read more about this topic and learn more about it for the sake of our self, our true self.

Why, are there other selves that are not our true self? Yes, there are. The self that we present to other people is not really our true self, but the one that we want them to see. We want to appear diligent, therefore we busy ourselves with work, although deep inside we may want to be lazy. We want to appear righteous before others, and so we try to be religious and obey the rules and regulations of our church and society, but deep inside we know that we are just tired of pretending to be so before other people.

But when we get to God we cannot show to him a self that we want to show Him. He knows us in and out. And only in Him can we be most relaxed, most natural. Only in Him can we enjoy our true self.

The purpose of going on a spiritual journey is to find and enjoy our true self.

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