How to Be Obedient to God

At first thought there seems to be no reason why there should be any difficulty in being obedient to God. After all almost all of us, exempting only hard core atheists and agnostics, believe that God created us and everything around us. It is only natural and proper that we obey him.

The Difficulty of Obeying God

But the fact of the matter is that most find it difficult, if not downright impossible, to obey God. The proof of this is the violence, crimes, discord and misunderstanding we find all around us. If people have no difficulty or not finding it impossible to obey God, then we would not have these terrible problems of peacelessness all around us. All would be obeying God and all would be in harmony with God and with one another.

Why We Need To Obey God

But before we can discuss how to be obedient to God we have to discuss a bit about the why. Why do we need to be obedient to God? The reasons are so simple and yet so difficult to really internalize in our life.

We need to be obedient to God because ultimately we came from him, ultimately we are going back to him and because ultimately everything that happens in this world happens according to his will.

We need to be obedient because we came from God. He alone knows of what stuff we are made of and for what purpose we are made. So obeying him is simply natural since he alone knows where we are heading in life to. We do not know the direction of our life really. Only God knows. So, obeying him is the safest way to conduct ourselves in life.

We need to be obedient because we are going back to God. At the end of it all we are going to face him and he is going to ask us how we have lived. It would be most unwise to answer that we lived our lives disobeying him. The best answer we can give him is that we lived our lives according to the pattern he set for us, simply obeying him.

We need to be obedient to God because everything that happens around us is ultimately due to his will. So if we insist on disobeying this will we will be the losers. He will win anyway at the end of the game. So, why go against him? It is better to obey him and win with him at the end.

Having very briefly discussed why we need to obey God, let us now go to the how. How are we to be obedient to God?

How Are We To Obey God

We are to be obedient to God by knowing more and more of him. There are people who say that God made this world and everything on it and left it to operate according to the laws he put therein. These people claim that God is impersonal. He may just be a Supreme Force that works in the affairs of men and nations by laws which he put in these affairs.

But if we try to know more and more of this God we will find that he is not just a force. He is a person. He is a God who is most interested in all our affairs. But again we will not come to know this aspect of God if we do not care to advance in our personal knowledge of him.

And how are we going to know more of God so that we can obey him with love and affection? We can look at the things he created and reflect on his goodness, power and wisdom. We can read the books that are written about him in all the religions of the world, not just in the Christian Bible. Then we can get acquainted with people who we know are very close to God and ask them about God. Certainly they can tell us more about God. And we can get down to our knees or sit down and converse with God as with a friend. He will tell us more about himself.

Secondly, after knowing more of God, we can obey him gladly and not with constraint. Sometimes we feel that some of his commandments are unfair, like loving our enemies. But if we really know God, this will no longer be a problem. We will know God is most fair, making his sun shine and his rain fall on his friends and enemies. Knowing that God is most fair, we will not force ourselves to obey God. We will joyfully obey God.

Thirdly, as we get to know more of God, and as we continue to obey him gladly, we will love him more and more and our obedience will be just an expression of our love for him. We will obey him, not because we fear him, as maybe our teachers in religion have taught us (threatening us with hell if we didn’t obey), but we will obey God because we love him.

Then if we obey God because we love him, we shall be obeying the greatest commandment of all: To love God with all our heart, with all our mind, with all our soul and with all our strength.

How are we to be obedient to God? We are to be obedient to God by knowing more of him, by gladly obeying him and by loving him. In return God will give us the best which he has in store for us.

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