The Neglected Topic of Spirituality

This blog is devoted to a discussion of spirituality and ideas related to this topic. While there are so many websites and blogs about all sorts of ideas under the sun and beyond, the topic of spirituality is a neglected one.
More Searches on the Body

By searching through the web pages we find the impression that this topic is not given its due importance. Using the data generated by softwares which search for the times a word is searched in the Internet it seems that the word “spirituality” is searched fewer, much fewer than other words.

For example at one time while there were 20,742 searches for "beautiful female bodies", there were only 1,019 searches for "spirituality". It would seem that people are more interested in beautiful female bodies than in spirituality.

But when we consider our life more realistically, spirituality is more important than a beautiful female body.

The body becomes worn out, ugly, tired and dead after a couple of years. But the spirit endures for years and generations to come.
Spirituality Not Taught in Our Schools

We need only reflect on the years we had in school to realize how neglected this topic on spirituality is. We learned so many things about our physical world in the natural science subjects. We learned also about our mental world in the subjects of philosophy and psychology. We learned about our society in sociology and history subjects. But we learned so little or none at all of the world of the spirit.

We had classes in Natural Science 1, Natural Science 2, Mathematics 1, Mathematics 2, etc., English 1, English 2, etc., Sociology, Psychology, History, but we never had a subject in Spirituality 1.

We might have had classes in religion, theology, or values education. But what did we learn there? We learned about religious or church doctrines, moral principles, values education and topics related to these. But we did not encounter the spirit there. At most we learned how to save our souls. But souls are different from spirits. The topic of the spirit was discussed more in Ouija board sessions (where we use the spirit of the glass!), in cases of spirit or demon possession, but not in formal subjects in school.
Subjects Related to Spirituality

Interestingly enough the subject closest to spirituality among high school and college subjects is not Religion or Psychology but Physics when it deals with the topic of mass and energy. You see, the spirit is energy, the highest form of energy. And yet we did not pursue the subject of spirituality in our Physics class. We were then interested only how to harness this energy to produce mechanical energy, electrical energy, chemical energy, etc., but not spiritual energy.
Spirituality Not Integrated in our Subjects

Furthermore this topic of spirituality is not integrated in our textbooks. The textbooks which offer a natural place for the integration of this topic are those of Physics, Religious Studies or Education, and Values Education. But textbooks on these subjects do not integrate spirituality in their pages. Instead these subjects deal more with the behavior of physical objects or the behavior of human beings.

That is why I have chosen to discuss this topic of spirituality. Here we ponder on more important things in life, the things that endure, that last for eternity. And we may be surprised to find out that this topic is very interesting also, although we cannot see the spirits with our physical human eyes.

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  1. I've spent a good deal of time searching around for spirituality content on the web, so I can relate to what you are saying here: it is an often-overlooked topic.

    As I read this post, I was reminded a lot of my High School years, and various teachers I had who would discount any reference to the soul and instead describe the universe and human beings in terms of empty chemical reactions and happy accidents. I feel like I'm still trying to "unlearn" much of what was instilled in me back then.

    It was refreshing to discover your blog tonight.

  2. Thanks, Seth, for your comments.

    You are not alone in having been misled during the high school days. I had professors in supposedly Christian schools who really did not believe in God. They too were misled.

    I hope that as you unlearn the untruth you will learn more of the truth.

  3. I just now was introduced to this blog spot. I have been on my own personal spiritual journey not subscribing to any one organized religion. If i had to label my belief it might be more like Carlos Castaneda and leaning towards my Raramuri or Terahumara roots in a more 'shamanic' way. I have lived in these outer worlds and integrated them into my own existence and find that the school system is only just now beginning to explore and share these realizations with students. Some of the great ethnobotonists of our time are publishing more work and bring credibility to these belief systems.

    I play music to help friends and my audience drift into these other realms liked to a spiritual experience and many have shared their visions during these moments.

    I see that the youth or our next leaders are embracing spirituality more however their are also many more distractions leading them away from their truths which surround their belief systems. The organized religions are working harder than ever to distract our children from a universal/spiritual truth through fear and dogma. Until these religious zealots awake and notice the limitations religious or anti-religious beliefs places upon our youth, we will continue to poke around with no succinct direction, using society as the closest thing to energy source...

    Every human being during several times in their life has to overcome some tests and trials. These necessary tests and trials give us growing opportunities of improving our lives at all levels. Our karma factor just plays a small role in our life. Let’s forget not that we came here to fulfill our obligations and responsibilities, at home, at work and with our community.
    Being a spouse and a parent is indeed a great blessing and never a hindrance. Regarding our bad karma we have many chances to balance it by doing good deeds not only to our love ones, but to strangers.

    June /22/’11
    According to ancient/modern mystical writings man’s intellect can become a useful tool when he learns to compare new with old ideas by putting them under a very flexible system where self-discipline is master. Self-discipline has always needed a great amount of divine essence.
    These sacred writings main emphasis is the following: by learning the old facts with the new facts and by mixing them harmoniously to find solutions not only for today, but for tomorrow guarantees the survival of our planet and of us.
    Let’s keep in mind that the greatest potential to make changes and adjustments we posses is based on our correct attitude. If we see ourselves as spiritual beings having several different human experiences in past and future lives as humans, then we are fully convinced to leave our planet in excellent condition for our further comings.
    Another key factor of such wonderful writings is the fact that indeed knowledge is power when we learn to find and use several applications of suck knowledge.
    A progressive society is always progressive. Education is our mutual concern! Every one of us should contribute with his ideas to raise the maturity level of humanity. Not only the government, but Universities, the private sector and self-taught citizens should develop working plans and projects for our community to participate actively in the excitement of discovery, fostering teaching through creative processes. These actions will surely make us aware of always supporting our local talents.
    For over fifty years I’ve seen too much wasted talent mainly from our youngsters. I pity such human beings who spend their lives with bitterness, feeling frustrated, and experiencing poor performance. To me, there aren’t enough good teachers and professors. The right education starts when we are in our mothers’ wombs. Mothers should feel relaxed and happy. Besides having the right nutrition they should be surrounded by the fine arts and Nature. Future mothers should spend at least a whole day monthly in flower gardens. They should also hug old trees in order for their product to experience harmonious life force. Another excellent idea should be to expose these future mothers to natural size images from our night sky. Virtual reality containing these heavenly objects will make them attract the natural and beneficial cosmic rhythm. Guided meditation should become an important part of their pregnancy. Special attention should be observed during their last three months of their pregnancy by depriving them with news from the media. Unfortunately the media has always emphasized the negative aspects from human beings.
    Besides spending time in kindergarten small children should spend more time with both parents where much more physical contact should be had. As always I start a way and then suddenly being struck by God’s inspiration I switch to another, but important theme.
    For the next two weeks I will be daily checking and answering as many of your comments as possible.
    Feel this spiritual long and loving embrace from our loving Universe and especially from Its Creator; THE GOD OF OUR EXPEERIENCES.
    Ezequiel Rodriguez Saldívar