The Benefits of Spirituality

More and more people now are getting more and more interested in spirituality. The reason for this is because spirituality is offering them benefits which they cannot find in religion or in their own churches. This article discusses the benefits which people have discovered in spirituality. This also tells those who are just beginning to learn about spirituality what benefits they can get from this subject matter which has been dubbed as the new black art, a way of conjuring the good things in life.

We can go through the alphabet and for each letter identify a benefit people have gotten from spirituality. That would give us 26 benefits, using the English alphabet. But that would be artificial. Somebody has already done this.

Major Benefits of Spirituality

I want to point out three main benefits which people have enjoyed in learning and being engaged in spirituality. Then I will also point out three minor benefits. But since this is a spiritual topic and there is really no end to a discussion on the things of the spirit, we can also say that there is no end to the benefits which we can enjoy in spirituality.

The first main benefit is a sense of freedom or greater freedom. Religion has often been looked at as a repressing element in one's life: Do not do this, do not do that. Now with spirituality people have found a new sense of freedom: You can do this, you can do that.

Let us give an example. In churches people are reminded by their leaders to behave properly, to come to the church services regularly and to support the needs of the church. But these injunctions are received by the church members as obligations, as things they have to do, otherwise they will lose their good standing in the church. These obligations bind them, so they feel.

On the other hand people who have left or are transcending this kind of church life find that spirituality is a life that buoys them up, that does not press them down as in the churches. Spirituality enables them to come out of themselves so that they can be themselves. A fifteen minutes sincere prayer and meditation in the secret of their room is more likely to uplift their spirit than the one hour sermon by the pastor or the fifteen minutes homily by the priest.

The second main benefit is a sense of real direction. In religion people have been trained to be directed to heaven: Do good here on earth so that when you die you go to heaven. This is the rather simplistic teaching of all religions. In spirituality, heaven is no longer a place in the distant future where we are going to after we die. Heaven happens to be just around the corner in the company of other spirits and spiritually minded people. Heaven is where we enjoy the company of like-minded spirits.

The third benefit is a sense of wholeness. Life is no longer a stream of splintered units: This is for my family, this is for my business, this is for my church, this is for my friends, this is for the charitable organizations I belong to. Life has become a whole. All the concerns and activities in life revolve around one center, the integration of the self with others.

Minor Benefits of Spirituality

Those are the main benefits. Now we go to the minor benefits which you can consider as the consequences of the main benefits.

The first minor benefit people have found in the practice of spirituality is a new sense of self-confidence. Having found their real selves as spirit beings, no longer as blind products of evolution, they now realize they have self worth more valuable than all the material treasures of this earth. This sense of self worth gives them self-confidence.

The second is a new sense of creativity. This follows from the sense of self-confidence. Now they are no longer tied by the tradition of their society. This is not surprising because the spirit is a creative force. It is the Spirit who created our world or caused it to be created. Spiritual persons think along new lines. Instead of thinking that such a thing cannot be done because it has not been done before, they think "Why not?". All the inventions we now benefit from are products of people who have been deeply spiritual, who dreamed of things to come and saw visions of sights never seen before.

The third is a new sense of healthy living, both physical health and mental health. Having a new sense of freedom, of new direction in the here and now, not in the by and by, and having a new sense of wholeness, having a new sense of confidence and creativity cannot but produce a new sense of healthy living. The spiritual person affirms: I can now stay healthy with the aid of the spirit telling me what to do to my mind and body. After all the spirit knows what is best for our mind and body. It is for the spirit's interest that we remain healthy because he lives in our mind and body.

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